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Here's a best of the hooray holiday discussions overheard in our office over the last few weeks. You know, when the excitement rises about the big "who goes when and when where?" questions. A few team ZOÉ LU wishes, trends, and plans for your next weeks. 

1. Farniente Fashion 

You have an edgy handbag and statement shades, so go easy with your outfit. Babydoll dresses in cotton gauze or crochet, shorts (apart from denim, think about fabric shorts with a high elastic waist and a curved hem on the side), statement shirts that carry your message and light blouses with easy going flats, sneakers and uncomplicated toe sandals make a perfect summer suitcase. After all, your ZOÉ LU can change outfits in your place as often as she wants to.

2. Be Ocean Friendly

If visiting the Great Barrier Reef in Australia (again) is on your to-do list, but also in general: Think about the ocean. We learned this by heart. Mineral filters versus 25,000 tons of chemicals from conventional sunscreens that end up in the oceans and destroy corals every year. Play it like you are in Hawaii, surfer girl. There and in a growing number of countries, chemical filters are already banned.

3. The trip in the trip

We had a discussion at the coffee machine about this the other day. As we all know, long distance destinations are super expensive this year. What if you could daydream about your land of desire with a family saga set there? We loved OurSshare of Night by Mariana Enriquez as an Argentina trip and still tout the classics The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy (Southern USA) and The House of the Spirits (Chile) by Isabel Allende. Please ask the bookseller of your choice and tell us about your page turners.

4. Slow Life Challenge

Or let’s call it the postcard moments challenge. For every hour our cell phone sleeps in the drawer or is on flight mode, we’ll write a postcard. Slow life vs “madness as usual”. Why did we bother climbing down to the lonely bay with flip flops and Maxi’s XXL flamingo swimming ring around our neck when we’re constantly connected to the whole world anyway? Small breaks, big breaks? The e-mail reply service has opening hours like this instagrammable post office in the picturesque Tuscan village. 9h-9h45 and 18h-19h, basta cosi. Well, we're just saying we'll give it a try.

5. Beauty Food your Summer

Caprese is not everything. We’re mildly obsessed with light summer salads with fruit right now.

  • Watermelon cubes x feta x finely chopped red onions with a drizzle of olive oil and Tabasco
  • Carpaccio of cucumber and kiwi with a blob of burrata
  • Crispy bacon, arugula, strawberries
  • Something green, nuts, pears, goat cheese au gratin
  • Peach, spinach, feta, pecan...easy peasy dressing for each, olive oil x lemon or balsamic

Do you happen to have a perfect match for blackberries? 

6. Beach bling

We leave the real rocks at home in the safe. Well, everything metal that could heat up dangerously during a heat wave is now a no-go. The comeback of plastic necklaces, earrings and big bangles is just what we need. More is more is an armful of souvenirs and a waterfall of necklaces like in the souvenir store. Even big girls can string a message bracelet from letter beads for the beach with an on-point quote. "Currently dreaming but yes, my handbag is a ZOÉ LU" is a bit long, we admit.

Elsewhere we've raved about XXL plastic loops and creoles JLo-style. Neon or in the colors of Miami's Art Deco District like our latest drop, we're matching them to our handbag MOTD. 

7. The ZOE LU Socialising

IYKYK. Either your mom asked the next towel mom on the beach if her daughter would like to borrow the sea urchin form so that your former, super shy self would have a sandcastle partner in crime. Or you find yourself not only an ideal spot but also neighboring groups with potential friends for Maxi, so that you get out of playing soccer and finally on with the book from point 4. In other words: If you meet someone with one of our bags on the ferry, at the beach bar or in the outdoor pool, don't hesitate for a minute. Nice girl, you have something to talk about. Cross our ZOÈ LU and hope to die.

Have fun this summer, Sunshine. ‘Digge ding ding ding digge digge ding ding.Hey - di - hey - di - hoh. There’s a place I know where we should go - heydiheydihoh!’*

(Know this tune? We just copied the lyrics of Boney M's 'Hooray, hooray, it's a Holi-Holiday';)