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Survive the Sale!

A ZOÉ LU guide for mastering the serial shopping season in style

Always be well prepared for the time when summer sells out on the shopping streets of our cities. Even more so this year – we don’t want our dear credit card to suffer any permanent damage! After all, we were stuck with shopping in the supermarket and dreamily indulging in the aisle for egg slicers and mason jars not long ago. Can you unlearn how to shop?

1. Be prepared I

Have you finally given your wardrobe a mental health check-up, too? How many clothes had the label still on them? How many white T-shirts do you have, how many metres high is the denim pile? Write down what you really need and free up a few real spots, your closet zombies will make someone else very happy.

2. Be prepared II

Choose a smart outfit for your shopping day, sandals that come off fast, a slip dress or shorts over which you can try – yeah, yeah, yeah – the dress of your dreams. After all, the queue at the changing rooms is longer than at the checkpoint in Heathrow.

Over Sunset

3. Be kind I

Everyone knows the aggressive “that's MINE” shoppers at the bargain table. Not with us: We are on a mission. We want to combine sales with civility. This makes for nice little memories. Complimenting women when they look really great in something, saying " Here, did you want this?” However, “Be kind” strictly excludes boyfriends and husbands. They have to stay outside and guard the bags like the good boys they are.

4. Be kinda... just married

Let us explain in detail: Every summer holiday needs its own "wedding dress ", so it's perfectly legitimate to get that one dress that’s fashionable only this season. Also known as the "Yes I want it to be the summer of my life" effect. Cut-out dress, asymmetrical tie-dye gown, a strong colour, we can't stop at the one dress that will someday – when historians pounce on your Insta' account – allow you to precisely date this summer. That was 2021, Gorgeous!

5. Be aware

We love the British gentlemen's motto "No brown shoes after 5 o'clock". For us it's "No shoes at all before lunch". Don't hit the shoe departments in the morning. What you buy then may never fit you again. Another option: Ask for half a size larger at 10.01 a.m. If the shop assistant tells you in the morning that these high heels fit you like a glove – exactly, that’s the problem!

Vegas Nights

6. Be kind II

ZOÉ LU tips her hat to all the smiling people waiting for you on High Street or in small shops. Some see this as satire only, dense crowds organised in ant streets, others have long been kept from doing their job (and need to be supported!).

7. Be clear

Let's talk about the ZOÉ LU Flash Sale where you can still get some great bargains. If bae complains that you already have 4 pieces, be strict and start off in a way that shows him things are getting serious. Like „Mate, do you want me to open the wardrobe?“ Lego*, fischertechnik*, Playmobil*… who’s the one collecting sets as well – just for boys? 

ZOÉ LU is your conscious shopping choice – have fun!