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How to ... Christmas Vibe?

(… without our beloved Bavarian Christmas markets)

Let’s face it, there’s no way around it: Have yourself a very distanced Christmas. Our big cozy-up Christmas mood has gotten a mega-damper. Christmas markets and parties are cancelled? ZOÉ LU has some tips to save your holiday mood.

1. If the Winter Wonderland does not come to you in the city, go find it yourself. Somewhere near you is a little forest. Mulled wine feels very much at home in the thermos and the kitschy fairy light decoration for the tree trunk you'll be sitting on still fits in your picnic backpack. With your little ones or as many people as you’re allowed to. You'll see that this little outing is like forest kindergarten for adults. Makes everyone sweet and happy.

2. At home: Make it smell like a Christmas market. Spike oranges with cloves and arrange them in the fruit bowl with some cinnamon sticks. Get yourself a Christmas scented candle and let that mulled wine from 1. simmer, you’ll never know who or what will pass by. You could even feed your vacuum cleaner with a few drops of essential oil - cinnamon or bitter orange - on a tip of cotton wool, that smells very yummy when ... vacuuming.

3. Be conscious. There’re a few holiday routines even you don’t really appreciate anymore. Random choice: "All I want for Christmas is youuu". Mariah’s album Merry Christmas came out in 1994 and since then she earns 1 million in royalties every year. How much of that is from you? About 103 Euro? Bach's gorgeous Christmas Oratorio now and then is pure happy meditation.

4. The classic cookie cutter cookies are the perfect DYI ZOÉ LU Christmas treats. In our team, they sometimes become a design workshop for bag flaps. Take 250 grams of flour, a pinch of baking powder, 1 egg, 100 grams of sugar, 150 grams of butter, 1 vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt. Simply multiply if you want to become a pro confectioner and gift some cookies as well.

5. Celebrate when the waiting is half over, celebrate Swedish style: 13 December is Santa Lucia day. It’s a tradition: To ward off evil spirits in the longest night of the year, the Santa Lucia of the year puts a wreath of candles in her hair and goes singing from farm to farm through the villages with many people in her wake. If you don’t have a candle wreath, please do not improvise the Santa Lucia look with candles in your tennis sweatband. Instead, bake lussekatter, the little saffron snails that Swedes eat on this day.

6. You know us by now … the TV stations and streaming services are full with X-Mas-tearjerkers. Classics everywhere and new productions like Love hard on Netflix. Pack your ugly pyjama in your ZOÉ LU Buddy and go to your best friend’s house for a X-mas movie night, the big sniffle & cry festival...

… and that’s what you like best about Christmas anyway, the whole “Can’t wait for Christmas” thing, right?