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13 x fun for fall ... and more goals now

1. Tan preservation measures: Really take care of yourself when it gets dark early. Sometimes it feels good to enjoy an evening for yourself, pack a mask at the supermarket to rehydrate and make a soft scrub.

2. Continue listening to Spanish holiday sounds? La Casa del Papel, fifth and final season is now on Netflix. Ursula Cobrero aka Tokyo says she cried when she read the big finale in the script. That's worth a long night of tapas, right? 

My Serpentine

3. For the big slow-down it feels right to try a new recipe for apple tarte. We're crazy about the French Tarte Tatin. We encourage you to google the recipe, but aren't responsible if you eat way too much of it. Granny’s apple pie also sounds like cozy fall with plaid already.

4. We’re totally up for the for make up fall trend as seen on the runways. Healthy skin tone with glossy gel blush but without the red riding hood effect. Eyeliner is the common thread, whether you like it Audrey' or Amy-like. Playful Beauty: Arm yourself with your false eyelash glue and play with sequins and rhinestones. One at the outer corner of the eye...irresistible. Lipsticks in rosewood tones go brilliantly with the ZOÉ LU Berry & Bordeaux looks!

5. Pretend cultural city trip! It's a wrap with 25,000 square meters of recyclable fabric and 7 kilometers of red cord. We gift-wrapped the Reichstag in 1995, so we can't wait to see Christo wrap the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Stop, stop, the great artist died last year, but the performance remains. See it from 18 September to 3 October! Besides, Paris is always worth a trip for Macaron Maniacs 😉

Meltin Grape

6. Up close and personal with the fall foliage … Hiking, aka going by foot, provided you shuffle in nature through the golden leaves of fall. A must-do with children. Great options without screens and batteries. Crafting with found treasures, whether chestnuts, acorns, leaves or wood will be blissful satisfaction for you too. Kaleidoscope frames with dried flowers and leaves are hot decoration trends. Dry the souvenirs in one of those dorky self-help books..

7. Fall fashion? To all the business girls: The pleated skirt is one of the really hot pieces this fall. It says for you: I can’t wait for the office. This skirt rocks! Denim is transitioning into winter = darker now. The light blues are going in the closet for spring. Knit is comfy and oversized, thanks for that. But there is a big "night out" theme: Sequins, rhinestones, feathers may also see the daylight. Mantra: Celebrate your freedom(s) now!

8. Scented candles, scentless candles, tea lights everywhere and a great bouquet of flowers!

9. Reading! From the current bestseller lists alone, we are interested in Lucinda Riley’s "The Missing Sister", the new Stephen King and "The Long Breath of the Trees" by Peter Wohlleben, who understands their language -  which could enrich the above fall walk. Besides we want to curl up with a new classic, like the Southern family epic "Lord of the Tides" by Pat Conroy. Siblings Luke, Savannah and Tom, love & hate under the magnolia trees. A sure ticket to South Carolina, where hurricane season is now underway.

Funky Cardinal

10. The vaccination passport social catch-up plan: Let's face it, we've gotten a little lazy since the spring of 2020. Anyway, at the Office we are jotting down three items with things we've almost forgotten how to do and now want to do again. Gathering the non-besties for a mix-up dinner = new conversation topics. Or support your young local art scene: Openings and indie concerts. And don't put off grandma and grandpa until just before Christmas.

11. Indian Summer. Oh well. Summer in the dictionary, SUMMER, noun, / season between spring and fall and warmest time of the year. Excuse me for mentioning it, but something has been missing this year…

12. Fall treasures. Accessorize your style. Just like layering is a big fall trend – with an overmix of necklaces and bracelets – we also encourage you to have fun with your ZOÉ LU, beyond our Lucky Charms, keychains... give her an occasional Life-Is-An Amusement-Park-Overload with ribbons and assorted charms, for example! Other than that, we still have a crush on Ear Cuffs. So sexy when they stick out of your XL turtleneck.

Crazy Orange

13. Berry & Bordeaux. After Summer evening with your BFFs with a good glass of wine. Accompanied by delicious main dishes with blackberries and wild berries. They taste great, for example, in a salad mix of raw fennel, leaf lettuce, nuts and goat or blue cheese...

1000 dessert options with our brand new Berry & Bordeaux pieces!