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THE MANUFACTURING ... of our products is handmade! We have selected production partners in Romania and India who perform even delicate craftmenship as you can see from our hand-painted edges, our embroideries, iconic stitching and our signature patchwork designs. We do not only choose our partners according to high expectations in quality, but we also want them to care for nature and share our social values. All our manufacturing partners put their heart, soul and creativity into producing a ZOÉ LU bag – and we believe this is what makes the difference.

Produktion ZOÉ LU, Aufnähen des Logo-Labels im Innenraum der Tasche

Taschenproduktion in Rumänien, Nähen des Taschenkörpers

THE LEATHER ... is a 100% genuine leather from Italy that undergoes a tight quality control. It took us quite some time to find the ZOÉ LU leather that met our high quality expectations. But apart from the design, isn’t the material the essential feature of a bag? At least that is how we feel and we love the smooth touch and the natural look of our leathers. Even the best leather has natural markings or colour variations which distinguishes genuine leather from man-made materials. 

One more thing: It goes without saying that our philosophy is all about the environment. Thanks to our Italian supplier, who participates in the greenLIFE project, we ensure an eco-friendly supply chain. We wouldn't be satisfied otherwise!

OUR ZIPPER ... is the core piece of our main bag "Best Buddy". Our bag would be nothing without it. Once again we aimed at the highest quality, since we want it to last forever. That's exactly why it runs so smoothly. 

OUR BAT ... is the heart of our flaps – our icon. Made of a shiny light gold metal colour it goes with any woman's look and can also be combined with silver. But how did we come up with this idea and what does it mean to us? The answer is simple – it shows our dream to do what we really love by being completely authentic... in other words: "Always be yourself unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman!"

ZOÉ LU Fledermaus als Logo