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Here are a few tips for you to ensure your ZOÉ LU bag and your changeable flaps stay as nice as they were on the first day!

Leather is a natural material: Each leather bag gets its own character through its daily use. If you want to clean your bag, it is best to use a soft, dry cloth and rub it gently over the stains. It is best to test this first on a hidden part of the bag. Never ever treat leather with strong solvents such as benzine or nail polish remover! Don't dry it at high temperatures. Please also avoid cleaning the leather with water, soap, shoe polish or colouring care products. To protect your bag / changeable flaps from moisture and dirt, we recommend a waterproof spray that is suitable for both smooth leather and suede. If you do so, please cover the metal bat and the black leather piece with the logo.
If your bag / changeable flap gets really wet, please let it dry at room temperature.

Our changeable suede flaps:
Some of our changeable flaps are made of high quality Italian suede leather. Suede leather belongs is one of those leathers where the inside is sanded until it gets its beautiful, rather velvety surface and a warm grip. This is also why suede is more likely to stain. Blue jeans for example, sometimes rub off. Unfortunately this cannot be completely avoided, as leather is a natural product and not manufactured by man. 

friiz, No. 1 The Protector (100ml)
friiz, No. 2 The Cleanser (100ml)