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ZOÉ LU Prinzip, How it works, Wechselklappe und Taschenkörper

The ZOÉ LU idea…

1. …is simply brilliant: The bag can be adjusted within seconds to any outfit. 

2. …is so
handy: Never again do you have to repack the content of your bag.

3. …takes up little space when travelling: The changeable flaps can be easily placed evenly in your suitcase. Voilà! You have the perfect bag for any outfit. 

4. …can be easily stored at homeThanks to the useful hanger “flap storage” all changeable flaps can be stored away easily in your wardrobe. 

5. …has classic style: Due to its classic form and high quality the bag is simply timeless. 

6. …is affordable: Compared to an entire new leather bag, a changeable flap is a lot cheaper.

7. And even men love our principle: Once his sweetheart has purchased a ZOÉ LU, it is a piece of cake to get a gift for any occasion - a new changeable flap!