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The new ZOÉ LU generation makes our heart melt!

When a small one comes along, our heart grows unimagined capacities to give new love. It felt like the right time for a new addition to the ZOÉ LU family. Your heart is attached to your unique handbag with its endless possibilities for combination? Come, let's look into the cradle together.

mini me übersicht

Aaaww, it's so cute!

The body, Mini Me, comes in 9 versions, with your dream color, your favorite leather surely included. The little one is the additional accessory for the coming season you can pick at a whim. Irresistible desire for metallic or a rainbow color. Trust you. Go!

Like her mum, but very much herself

Your life's whole choreography changes with the Mini Me. She is the option for easy days. Get on your bike, go to an art opening or go out on a date. She's like an "exclamation mark" that stands fully behind your personality and especially your daily mood.

mini kinda royal

It’s a Girl, yippieh dressing dreams come true

The Mini flaps are pure ZOÈ LU cuteness overload. In aaaww with the iconic stitching, with fringe(let)s, bubble gum stones or the sequined version? Let’s talk about her: She’s the perfect night-out bag..

Let's go on a family trip

Modern Family: If you're planning a weekend, the new Mini is a must-have. No petty jealousy here. She gets along great with the Day Buddy, the perfectly stylish combo to hop on a plane or commuter train with. After all, we all like to travel light because it proves we're in full control of our lives. OMG, Goals. 

No Babysitter: With Mum to the Office 

We do not want to tell on anyone specific, but someone at the ZOÉ LU office wore the first mini prototype right along with the classic version of our handbag. "Oh well", she said, "you wear several lucky bracelets too, don’t you?" We totally get this super edgy way of wearing a duo of your favorite bags. You really don't want to leave the little one alone in the beginning. 

mini kinda spring und kinda spring

Wow, she's grown so much already

There will always be new looks for the mini must-have in the future. Like granny says, “they’ll keep you on your toes, the little ones”. As you know: Healthy, whole foods, more basic flaps and irresistible sweet treats will make the little one grow wonderfully and sensibly, just like you want her to.

Love is … something you can’t image being without from the first moment …

... and sorry for giving you decision fatigue, sunshine!