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Winter Trends – get through the cold season in style from head to toe!

It's been a while since fashion has been so powerful, gorgeous. This winter, it has the perfect answer to the global one-size-fits-all look. We mean – you know it – the mask! The message from Paris, Milan, New York and Munich is clear: Don’t let this get you down, celebrate your unique self every day instead. Team ZOÉ LU has put together perfect looks for you. Do you see yourself in them?

Feminine, Winter is fairy season

No worries, we’re not asking you to go full Tinkerbell. But in fact, "Let it glow " strongly competes with “Let it snow” this winter. Sequins are having their big moment, even in daylight. Velvet in ZOÉ LU’s winter color favorites dark green or burgundy is a really great idea. Wear it as a pantsuit, a blazer, a trapeze skirt or a knee-length dress with slightly puffy sleeves. Stay true to the Christmas feeling until the first snowdrops start blooming. Wear Marlene jeans with pussy bow blouses and a cardigan – maybe even a folkore knit jacket – or a tulle skirt with a sweater. Just make sure that your styling is not straight out of the 70s mood book but has a few individual touches. Makeup: Carefully feel your way towards the 70s look with cherry lips and a touch of light blue eyeshadow, but be careful. Subtle!

The right ZOÉ LU: A Fairy Tale, Tempt Me!Best Buddy

best buddy schwarz mit tempt me!

Channel Lara from Doctor Schiwago (but 2022) 

Even if you don't have to escape your fate aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway and no one is playing the balalaika for you, this inspiration is winter romance incarnate. Wear the cozy mega trends faux fur or teddy bear coat, which are available in all shades of cream this year. Match it with a chapka or a faux fur hat almost pulled down over your eyes. Lace up boots with rib knit tights, light patterned silk dresses or pleated skirts with brightly colored turtlenecks and a granny cardigan. If you actually snag a cream coat, we'll pass on this romance twist. Lipstick in a shade of coral is good and eyes heavily outlined with a creamy eye shadow in mocha, dark blue, charcoal or green give you this absolutely timeless look. Adorable!

The right ZOÉ LU: Red Affair IILater AlligatorBig Best Buddy

Amazon Powerstyling with Love

As mentioned above, anything that looks too harsh is kind of off limits this winter. Like the all-black look. See for yourself: Switching to dark blue or deep purple from shoulder to ankle will let the world appear a bit softer to you already. A transitional fashion experiment. Megatrend: this winter's cargo pants are flare cut, sometimes made of thick, textured wool fabrics and have a side pocket. Admittedly, we spotted them in purple at Chanel. Match them with white boyfriend shirts and slipovers or sweaters with overly long trumpet sleeves and accessorize with, edgy, edgy, fingerless gloves all day long. Gain even more convincing neo power with great accessories. We love graphic earrings that hang in your ear like half safety pins. Makeup? Don't lay all your cards on the table. Pair a natural complexion and apricot-pink cheeks with a strong choice. Doe eyes or red lips?

The right ZOÉ LU: Brave HeartOki Kroki and a Best Buddy in bronze oder gold

Wintersporty spicy

More than ever, winter sports fashion will successfully rock the city this year. All the looks that allow you to skip checking your weather app in the morning unless we’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime day with 15 degrees in January. Essential basic: An oversize down coat, the ultimate winter performer! Perfect for this, your winter shell: All of this season’s strong, anti-depression winter colors. Purple, yolk yellow, burgundy, bright blue, longing-for-spring meadow green ... the sky is much better in gray in gray than you. Pattern sweaters over plaid shirts, Norwegian sweaters in edgy colors, or go straight for fashion’s solution for the current problem: knitwear ensembles, pants or long skirts twinning with a sweater. The win-win motto: Keep on cocooning and drink tea ... après-ski boots are a perfect finish of course! Make-up? You're not an enthusiast? Mascara does half the job, plus a well-hydrating tinted cream and a rosewood gloss which you can also use to give your cheeks a sporty glow.

The right ZOÉ LU: Bohemian YouPink Passion, your most beloved Day Buddy

day buddy creme mit bohemian you

Ah la la la Parisienne 

Could this be the favorite fashion controversy? If you travel to the #cityoflove, a quick tip. Never talk to anyone about Emily in Paris, whose idea of Parisian style has caused major headaches in the press and social media there. It’s the law: Never wear a beret, except when visiting the traditional Hendaye festival in the region of the same name in August. Let’s take the Parisienne of the bohemian chic tribe who lives between Bastille, Montmartre and the Canal St.Martin. This foodista – it’s in her French genes– can be found on farmer’s markets and in eco shops. Style-inspo: Swedish clogs with cropped grey woolly socks, an oversize sweater or a message hoodie over her flowery summer dress plus an undersized leather jacket. Since winter is a regular surprise for the Parisienne, she likes to accessorize with monsieur’s bobble hat. Make-Up? Red lips and a healthy glow!

The right ZOÉ LU: Snake Up, Out of SpaceBig Best Buddy