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Which ZOÉ LU for your exciting life?

You know your Best Buddy inside out. Your feeling for the mood and styles of the day is spot on. You still love it when people who have yet to discover ZOÉ LU fall for the one bag, many looks magic: "What, didn’t that look different yesterday?“

Do you have strong feelings about our newcomers Big Best Buddy and Day Buddy? Are you wondering if there’s room in your heart for another one and which bigger handbag option is best for your life? Let us help you! 


best buddy samt inhalt

The Best Buddy with its additional compartments is the optimized, definite version of the saddle bag. Your classic, the original! Its interior is like looking around your apartment. If you’re always on, chances are that your cell phone is in the outer compartment. The SOS makeup crew (concealer, cream, lipstick, nail polish) goes into the zipped compartment behind the bat logo: Very feminine! You always take a notebook, a few candies as a first remedy against scraped knees and sunglasses, because you know that the weather forecast is wrong and it won’t rain all day: Smiley, you shine. Just the routine me & my ZOÉ LU lifestyle, just as you like it. The Best Buddy remains the center of your solar system of style.

best buddy samt inhalt von oben



big best buddy samt inhalt

You’re a die-hard fan of the saddle bag format, its rounded, curvy u-form is like the smiley emoji for you – essential! Then the Big Best Buddy is your best option for, like, forever. Look what things in your life are necessary for all of your outdoor adventures (this means basically everything you have leave the house for). The notebook with all extras, headphones (few jobs allow you to wear this ultimate nerd collar around your neck all day) Your conscious water bottle snuggles deep in your Big Best buddy along with the tiny umbrella. In short: There’s room for everything happening your daily life. Work, a bit of shopping and handbag basics from A like ‘Aaaaw, bae finally gave me his key” to Z like ZOÉ LU’s zipped purse One for the Money.

big best buddy samt inhalt von oben


day buddy samt inhalt

The executive version. Big handbag, big plans, big freedom, But first things first. This Buddy is your office assistant, packed to impress! A classic big bag with a twist: your flap styling. Picture this: You arrive at the big conference table, pull out your lap top and announce “In your own time, gentlemen…”. As we all know, you only have 30 seconds to leave a big impression. If you think that this working girl thing is completely overrated, you’re right as well. The Day Buddy is also meant for people who like to take their home with them. The extra sweater for your 6 am yoga outfit, the sleepover necessities you always carry with you or a stylish way to pack baby’s must-haves. The Day Buddy has what it takes to become your biggest, best friend, honey bunny.

day buddy samt inhalt von oben


A ZOÉ LU choice is designed to make your life better and more beautiful. Whatever Big Sis‘ you choose, never forget that you have the option to travel light as well. Get the One for the Money out of your Big Best Buddy and take it out on your lunch break on a strap. Because the Day Buddy comes with a stylish extra clutch that is perfect for your evening date while the bag waits for you in the cloakroom.