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What mothers really want for mother's day (like, for real!)

Let's say it right away: Mother's Day 2022 feels very sad. 12 million Ukrainians, 90% of whom are mothers and their children, have fled their homes, 4.5 million of them abroad, according to the latest figures from UNICEF. Of course, this is what we think of the most. We know that we share this feeling of powerlessness with you. And that’s why, more than anything, we wish for peace. Let’s not forget or somehow normalize the fate of the brave Ukrainians. 

1. The rumor: Mothers want to be taken out to a fancy restaurant for lunch. 

The truth: How about a voucher perhaps, so Mum and Dad can finally go and have a dinner date again? A day trip to the country complete with a picnic would be great, you sweetie pies. Mom will wear her Vyshyvanka, the beautifully embroidered Ukrainian blouse, and you can make her a matching flower wreath. To make it even better, Dad can google the recipe for Ukrainian Kalyta beforehand, a nut and poppy seed cake. A 💙💛 forget-me-not event that the whole family will love.

2. The rumor: Mothers really want a DYI gift and nothing else. 

Yes! But! We need a nuanced approach here. Sure, the fridge is full of drawings ever since Maxi used three fingers to draw stick figures, and we've already glued the salt dough print of the pudgy toddler paw twice, because it's so adorable. The outside compartment of our ZOE LU is full of 'Mama is the Best' notes. Our arms are full of good luck ribbons. If an adult gets involved in gift giving to the most selfless person ever ... well, then there are things that are meant to stay, like the ZOÉ LU Heartbeat.

3. The rumor: Mothers want to finish watching their series at 10 A.M. in their sweats real quick. 

Stop. It's not quite that simple. Mom would also like to read a good book again, but the little cuties make it impossible to get through more than two pages in the 45 minutes an average episode runs. From line 67 you couldn’t focus anyway because you had to figure out where the Buzz Lightyear costume is. Take the book to the picnic from point 1 and read some fairy tales from when we dreamed of being mothers. Take turns.

4. The rumor: Mums want to be mums all the time. 

No. No! Big mistake. Moms also like to dress up, as a dancing queen, for example. Moms would also love a gift certificate to the slumber party at their best friend's house on the other side of the country. And why not present this with a contract: "I, your mum, commit not to text you 13 times a day about whether Maxi and Mini had any greens with their fries, that the socks are in the 3rd drawer from the top, lights are out at 8.00 pm at the latest, have you checked their math homework, etc...". It’s only for one night.

5. The rumor: Mothers of teenagers want to create endless to-do-lists. 

Oh, please. Let's put it this way: What they don't want is having to text their offspring into their rooms that dinner is served. They want a deal: Teenie and Toni will not sit down at the breakfast table with their hoods pulled low and they will remove their headphones. Mom, we can tell them, would like them to actively (syn. determined, eager, enterprising, energetic) plan an outing with her. To the cinema, an exhibition, a concert ... a thousand options, mom is anything but boring.

6. The rumor: Mothers say, oh, I don't care much about Mothers Day!

Totally wrong. She only says that because she loves her babies so much. Actually, she will break out in tears of joy for any special attention. Toast in bed is irresistible, a poem recited in a teenage boy’s squeak ... OMG, 3 tulips and a passion fruit paid for with your pocket money ... aawwww! Or even teaming up with the very strongest man in the world for a cute handbag ... yes, yes! Yes!!

7. The rumor: Our own mothers are so into their role as supa granny that they have cancelled the day for themselves.

No, let them play center court once again. One of the best things you can come up with is some quality time with her. Even if it’s not on the day itself. Theater, a restaurant, or just visiting her  and reminiscing....