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Trust your plate and trust the process

ZOÉ LU against diet obsessions and for a few handbag gym moves 😉   

Soon it will be that time of the year again. When the days get longer and the skirts shorter, outside voices tell us it's time to get in shape. Glossy magazines will teach us again how to shed 3 kilos.
This time is stressful, don’t you think? Every spring we have to face it: the annual beach body exam is back on the agenda. According to a Condé Nast survey, 54% of women have a sinking feeling when looking in the mirror. Is our inner voice even harder on us?
This total body obsession is getting bizarre sometimes. Now a guy spoke out. On the RIVER TABLE 4 podcast, guest David Beckham talked about his yummy souvenirs. His problem: in 25 years, he has never had the same thing on his plate as his wife. VB eats only grilled fish and steamed vegetables. In the interview DB remembers: "She made an exception just once. I don't remember what it was, but 10 years ago she once stole something from my plate. One of the best nights of my life." She was pregnant with Harper then!
How much of the big spring switch from B like burger to P like pineapple are we doing to ourselves? Which member of our inner circle last told us that it's time to leave an inch of waistline behind? Nobody really?
Sunshine, let’s go into spring in a happy mood. We’re animals like anyone else and need some extra protection against the cold during winter. Trust yourself and your mood for something light once the temperature climbs to 78 degrees (well, 88…!)
Let’s be happy. The happiness hormones endorphine, dopamine and serotonin are released by exercise. Here are a few perfect exercise tips with your ZOÉ LU.

verschiedene Bodies und Klappen

Our One for the Money purse loves hiking. On the long strap crossover it’ll carry your necessities on mountain tops or around the lake. You’ll just have to clip your water bottle to your belt. 

Our big bag bodies Day Buddy and Big Best Buddy are perfect as dumbbells. You know it’s amazing how much fits in them. Pack a novel or two inside, the strap very short, lie on your back, for example, angle your legs at 90 degrees with the ZOÉ LU at the ankles and spread them out again. 10 times. Or maybe 2.
Best Buddy exercise: Carry it on eye level with both hands and bent arms while doing squats. Sitting on your office chair? Wear it at knee height on the long strap for a moment und hold the position with your leg muscles. For one meeting or three likes? Up to you!

Happy good mood spring:
Be yourself
Trust yourself
Love yourself, Sunshine!