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...and then the days suddenly get shorter, the evenings get long and cozy, the 5 o' clock tea has a comeback in the office – but we’re violently against bringing gingerbread in September. The other day we had a style debate at the coffee machine. Fall is the best season for an upgrade. Your face is still glowy, you're fiiiinally relaxed and confident with your body because you spent last season half naked (aka in a bikini) with everyone anyway. Your new fluffy sweater is great with your summer dress, your new ZOÉ LU in burgundy, deep blue or dark green looks perfect with sunny yellow and grass green. New inspiration everywhere. Of course, that raised the question of what Team ZOÉ LU is up to in the very cosy season (plus you get to meet more of our colleagues 😉)

What's your goal this fall?


is Video Art Director and handles the digital campaigns and ads. She is very much looking forward to golden foliage but even more to written leaves. 

"Quick now! Start a new book!"

The bag combo with which we would most likely meet you now? P a p e r b o o k s fit easily in my ZOÉ LU. Not every medium size bag can claim that 😜 

Blue Hour Reloaded + Best Body schwarz + Secret Keeper pink


is Influencer Marketing Manager and basically lives on IG, for example to find cooperation partners who would be a good fit for us. "My favorite thing is to communicate with our partner influencers and content creators and support them throughout the entire cooperation."

Many beautiful walks through fall - of course with Gretl, my dwarf-rabbit-wire-haired dachshound.

And finally travel to the Netherlands again (kind of my 2nd home), visit all my loved ones & friends there and party in my favorite neighborhoods in Amsterdam. I love the atmosphere & the uniquly relaxed Dutch lifestyle!

The combo we will recognize you by there?

What, just one? 😉 I always pack a lot of Zoé Lus. If I have to pick one this fall, it’s the Best Buddy in wine with the Step by Step!


Have you ever chatted with Sara virtually? She’s in Customer Care Support, keeps in touch with customers, answers your questions and does everything to ensure that you are more than satisfied. Which makes her happy herself now:

Take the summer into winter with me, light up the gray days with some silliness and fiiinally do some real sports again 😉

And do you have a silly ZOÉ LU combo to celebrate your fall-is-summer mantra?

My Indian Summer Special: Freaky Happy with the classic Best Buddy in creme. The Buddy lets the summer slowly fade out and fits well with the autumn palette (in the closet). The flap flatters any outfit and when I look in the mirror I see party, summer and the sea.


Passion: YOU. "With heart and soul!” As Head of Customer Care, she has her finger on the pulse, aka the happiness index of our great community. She loves variety; at ZOÉ LU, hardly any request is the same as another....…

Still important in the fall: Always remember to love yourself first!

As we always say: Loving yourself means treating yourself with the same good will like your bestie instead of being so strict and sometimes brutally unfair with yourself!

Anyway: Which Zoé Lu fits your fall motto now?

Best Buddy creme, Cptn Sprrw and Take a Turn gold-creme - classic as it’s best ☺️