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Sunshine, as a ZOÉ LU gold member you know: You have saved oodles of time with our “one bag infinite styles” revolution. Let’s calculate the basic together: We' ll take a median value. Let's say you've been with us for 3 years. If you changed your handbag 3 times a week before the Best Buddy, it took you an average of 4 minutes to do so, taking into account that you had to return home 5 times a year on average because you forgot your passport, your favorite lipstick or something else important. Saved time so far 1,872 minutes = 31.2 hours = 2.6 days you can use for something else.


Our little darlings - the perfect match with your ZOÉ LU

Let‘s consider the important accessory of today’s and tomorrow’s woman. The Keep it Funky AirPods bag. It’s incredible how much time you spend on looking for your high-tech ear candy. Once they’re lost, they’re lost. Dismantle the whole sofa, sift through your mason pasta jars or search the dirty laundry basket. Hello haystack, where is the needle? One click to your ZOÉ LU and one hunting expedition less this year wins you a lot of time.

Time saved 2022: Approximately one hour, thirty minutes. That leaves you almost 13 minutes a month for the rest of the year, or 43 seconds a day, which you can invest in other things. Our advice is to give your mirror self a benevolent 43-second compliment in the morning or to use this time in the evening to write down three great things of the day. 

let it roll - rosa metallic

Walk the Dog: Your route is always the same? Every morning and evening you chat with other dog owners who like to compare Bella and Bailey. This accessory turns the dogwalk into a catwalk. We’re sure the hottie at the higher leash end of that cute Jack Russell puppy would like to have it dangling of his snap hook as well. Work up your courage and just go talk to him. Time saved, if....: OMG, at least 3 hours 21 minutes a day, if you know how a dating site works. Everyone else can just enjoy the cool style of this pendant.

Let it Roll, a penny saved, as grandpa used to say. You know how you often need change and can't find it? Swimming pool locker, pretzels, shopping cart...let's not add it up now. In fact, this cute talisman is beautiful collector jewelry for your ZOÉ LU and thus a without words (= zero seconds) recognition sign for members of our community.

Take it easy, make it easy and say hello from ZOÉ LU!