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The fabulous 8: Edgy Issue

Rock 'em! In the middle of rainbow spring our new capsule collection proves it: all of these flaps – metallic, riveted or embroidered – are best friends for and with the color black. Because black is more than a classic, it’s the basic color of rock. We have assigned our eight flaps to the officially best songs in the world ever. This ranking of the American Rolling Stone magazine was last updated in 2021. Which one is your favorite?

Rank 8: Hey Jude - The Beatles 

Hey, Kinda Aragon! Your look rocks, bronze is a bit delicate but you’re still perfectly placed in the edgy category. »Hey Jude, don't let me down. You have found her, now go and get her. Remember to let her into your heart, then you can start to make it better…. ». Yeah, no worries Paul, we like you too...

kinda aragaon

Rank 7: Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry

Black Sparkle shines on top of the edgy firmament, the relaunched microsuede flap that’s even more robust. Life expectancy? Like this 1958 song, one that has always been around and also known to Granny. ZOÉ LU be good, a flap from the forever category.

Rank 6: Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys

V for Valentine, when the sun sets on the beach and someone starts to strum their guitar nearby. When the groove, also known as deep chill, sets in and the sun sets postcard style. Open this ZOÉ LU and get another pic with your smart phone. (caption #goodvibesonly? Hahaha – if you must!)

v for valentine

Rank 5: Respect - Aretha Franklin

Spacey Sunday, a tribute to the times when we belted out THE girl power anthem alongside those of Britney and the Spice Girls at 4 a.m. in the shadow of the rotating disco ball. “Hey, what you want (Oo) Baby, I got (Oo) What you need (Oo) Do you know I got it?” Oh god, how naive we were, right? This flap says: we’re the same, just better. Strong!

Rank 4: What’s going on - Marvin Gaye

Amber Shine, because somehow this is the exact color of Mr.Gaye's voice. A song and a flap for your moonlight moments, for the big evening. Noble, mysterious, and sensual! What's going on? Also a summer festival favorite, of course. Perfect with your tan.

amber shine

Rank 3: Imagine - John Lennon

Shooting Star, the other favorite studded flap with our iconic stitching, now in an updated microsuede version for forever quality. Just like this beautiful, terrifying song that sadly gets so many remixes now. That's all we want to say, but you know: welcome back applies to this flap and not the need to sing the song again.

Rank 2: (I can’t get no) Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones

Maison Noir, definitely. Because Mick Jagger is so uppercool and has a castle in France. No kidding, this flap with the embroidered gold chain is already rock royalty. Of course, absolute elegance is part of its DNA as well, just in case the Queen has a Garter Order on store for you. Pack it and go! All of you have to take care of is the fascinator. 

Rank 1: « Like a rolling stone » Bob Dylan

Black Bomb, the black one with the big black stones. Mr. Dylan is also a poet. Playful with the black me up mood, this flap is the right one for your romantic, rocking soul. "How does it feel, how does it feel?" when you wear it to your office outfit? Not at all like a ballad: confident, feminine and a cheeky wink to boot! A bit too much honor, you think? Do you mean the Bob Dylan ballad?


Sunshine, now we have shown you that the Fabulous 8 of the week know how to rock. Can you also see how they go with your only summer basics? Tank top, blouse or message shirt sorta by-the-way with shorts, chinos or jeans as a mega coolness upgrade? That's one version! But they can also do office empowerment. Wham-bam, in the blink of an eye they give an edge even to your most conventional business wear.

Have fun and don’t forget to sing on top of your voice in the shower again. It’s ok!