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We adore the style of Italian women. Feminine, sensual, bellissima. But wait, stop! Did we just say THE style. It's like the ZOÉ LU mantra "One Bag - Many Looks " - " One Nation, many Beauties". Which one are you? A little tour of Italia.


Laid-Back & Casual 

The town where Carla Bruni came into the world. It took a head of protocol to force her out of her favourite jeans and T-shirts on special occasions at least. The ultimate practical chic à la Italia. A stylish blouse, trainers, white jeans, cherry-red nail polish plus for example Stairway to Heaven or Kinda Fancy.


Bold & Colorful

The loud, chaotic and absolutely adorable one down South. The birthplace of the Pizza Margarita, so the national colours are literally everywhere. Style: excessive is the least you can do. Jewellery box: Get out everything golden that blings. Sure, that lemon print skirt is perfect with the customised Maradona fan shirt and red pumps. Add Sunstar or Over Sunset!


Edgy & Glam

PPack the trunk, it’s show time. This tiny Ligurian fishing village is like one big red carpet in the summer. Jump into the Riva boat in a cut-out dress – why not? Every day is bridesmaid outfit day in Portofino. Goes with A fairy Tale and Glam Bam Shine!  


Clean & Chic

Italianissimo understatement in the world’s design capital, the other fashion metropolis. High-waist flare trousers, white blouse and XXL gold sculpture earrings. A simple plain trapeze dress above the knee and 8.5 cm heels with a crazy heel, no-make up make up with a statement color lipstick. Perfect with Mon Mac and Apple of Eden


Feminine & Modern

Shirt dresses with wide swinging skirts, Vichy checks, Audrey trousers, a hair band, draped dresses or blouses... a way to be proud. Because every day is La Dolce Vita here... or rather Roman Holiday? One thing you owe to simple, sensual femininity: the perfect eyeliner! We recommend Spaghetti Vongole and Kinda Peachy for your inner donna romana.


Bohemian & Natural

Mamma Mia, it’s hot down here. In the Trulli, the ancient villages on the rocks or at the beach it’s best to let loose. This place is inhabited by a new generation of eco-conscious people. Natural fabrics, linen, cotton, jumpsuits, boho dresses, white, pastel with very delicate accessories. Glam Bam Glow and Whip Me highlight your Italian boho chic.

Whip Me

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