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Tenderness & Summer Glow

Sunshine, this weekend's drop reminds us of old dreams. Light pink, milky lilac, pushy blue metallic and the silver ball under which we dreamt our most daring dreams ever. High time to think about who we were in our first 13 years. Stardust Memory, so to speak – even if that's actually a movie title. After all, you've mastered our ZOÉ LU Memory, the handbag game with the perfect pairs. As a gold member, you also know that these don't have to be identical or tone-on-tone for us. Let's play a little with new (and comeback) options and join us on Memory Lane.


Just Kinda Unicorn. Was the unicorn reinvented when you were little, are you part of the Bratz doll generation or even Sarah Kay? There are unicorn moments in every life. Bet on it, an experiment will make a difference in your day. Just as brides need something old and something borrowed, some days call for unicorns. Imagine pulling off the PowerPoint presentation of a lifetime and secretly wearing unicorn print underwear. Lilac pocket flaps have about the same effect. Strong and soft - 2 in 1. 


like Bubble Gum. Are you one of those girls who loved to wear pink? Who stuffed that dreaded khaki A-line dress in the back of the closet? Or was that a total no-go for you? This color reminds us, among other things, that nothing should keep you from being silly sometimes. Dare to blow a giant gum bubble in the middle of the street, even if it sticks to your nose. Buy letter beads (or steal them from the Minis) and make a motto bracelet. Embrace your inner 13-year-old and go on a great outing together.

Wow Blue

Play it like Kinda Royal. This color is truly magnetic. It symbolizes the strength we had during those years we felt nothing could happen to us. Let's pull out a childhood word again. Kind of sassy, that cutie. This should be an important reminder to you that sassy is still an absolute must today. Even if you disappeared from judo class after 3 weeks without a word, self-defense is everything. Speak out against injustice, play a trick on the boys again, put yourself first now and then. Like 'date on the playground? Sorry I’m out, I have a massage appointment and send grandma today.

Kinda Royal

Silver & Gray

Spacey Sunday, Summer Delight and the like. The classic color of our teenage dreams. Don’t say your braces come to mind now. Disco ball! When we felt like strangers at our own birthday party at 5 in the afternoon. Fought for having the living room darkened and were so disappointed. A, the cool dude from math class, didn't show up and anyway the majority of the 'girls just wanna have fun squad' wasn't at your party of the year either. If you don't get what we mean, you belong to the 0, 89% with that cheerleader aura and were even cooler than A from math class. No problem (anymore)! In this case: Just come along. High time to dance the night away again. 

Spacey Sunday