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Summer in the City

Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris & Munich

Summer days are 50% longer and that gives European cities a special flair, too. We have a few very water-focused tips for you that show how to celebrate summer even without a sea view. And besides we assigned matching ZOÉ LU sets to four of our favorite cities: Make it easy, take it easy! This way:


Splash, the Old Danube is a must on hot days. “I went swimming in the Danube” sounds just as wonderfully nostalgic as it should for your future summer memories. During the summer months, the good life is happening close to the water here, too. Have a drink at Blumenwiese, which has great beach vibes and a DJ. Or how about Wake_up at Kaisermühlendamm, where you can book a formula of lunch and wakeboard or water ski. The 13th Popfest happens around Karlsplatz between July 28-31. Austropop at its best, check out what the scene has to offer. There’s more to it than Falco ;). And you should definitely stop by Eis-Greissler. The best in town.

ZOÉ LU Tip: 

Set Best Buddy - Kinda Chic to your stylish basic look or Set Mini Me - Mini Kinda Mellow in pink to your lacy outfit for the romantic capital. Sweet as pie.


Of course, the bike is an absolute must-have here. But during summer, the Amsterdam people live at or on the canals and the city turns into a permanent festival park: In August there’s the canal festival, classical music on all canals and in gorgeous private villas. At the same time there is a children's and youth festival. Open air films and spectacles. At the city beach Blijburg aan Zee you will find DJs and concerts in the evening. Check out the events at hip clubs, restaurants and event locations during your time in Amsterdam or plan a picnic in Vondelpark. If you had enough of cycling, you can rent rollerblades there, too. Ice cream hot spot: Ice Ice Baby.


Set Best Buddy  - Kinda Pure in light grey, because this goes perfectly with orange, Netherland’s favorite color – and with your sporty looks that are right at the top of the list in Amsterdam.


How about planning a Paris trip for July 14, the French national day? That’s your opportunity to do something very French. On the eve of the Bastille Day, most fire stations host the traditional Bal des Pompiers, or Bastille Day dance. You can end the evening of July 14 with a picnic, for example near the Eiffel Tower to watch the mega fireworks. The more quiet option is Montmartre, where you can also see the fireworks from a few spots. Paris also has its beach along the Seine in summer. The combo of strolling from the Louvre at sunset to the houseboat Rosa sur Seine beer garden is a favorite among the Parisiennes. Don't forget the lovingly piled up ice cream cones of Amorino everywhere in the city.


Set Mini Me - Kinda Classy because the little black dress was born here and this bag is perfect for the Parisienne’s summer look: clogs, jean shorts, scattered floral blouse.


The Eisbach and in general the English Garden are of course the beating heart of Munich in the summer. We keep mentioning this because even Rock Royalty Mick Jagger fell in love with this place before his concert in the Olympic Stadium the other day. The Isar runs through our city for over 13 kilometers. Download the Isar App and find out everything about swimming or barbecue spots and rustic Isar raft rides.

Beer gardens are of course a Munich essential. Two safe choices are the Seehaus and Hirschau Biergarten in the English Garden. And you can stroll over to the Amber Lounge from there, by the way. As the name doesn't suggest, this is the historic petting zoo for your ZOÉ LU. In other words, a multi-brand store with great clothes and accessories, the only one worldwide where you can find our handbags. Simply because this store totally believed in us from the moment ZOÈ LU was born. And else? If you think Eisbach you probably also think ice cream. Our favorite place is Ballabeni’s.  

Set Best Buddy - Bohemian Too in cognac for festival vibes in a handbag format. A great basic for a few Tribute to Bavaria pieces, too: Lederhosen instead of shorts or a red and white check shirt. But don’t go for the complete look yet, we’ll talk about the Oktoberfest some time later, Sunshine.