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Even glam publications like American Vogue are running online articles about the winter blues these days. And we have a secret to share with you – the taste of the season 2022 is a little too sour for most of us. Too many lemons for lemonade? We totally agree with the usual tips. Get out for more daylight, wait and drink tea, online yoga, hydrate well, etc....

Here are some other very ZOÉ LU specials to make the very best of it.


Some programs aren’t good for you at the moment, sunshine. Avoid temperature shocks. Like "Selling Sunset" on Netflix and its tuned Barbies in tuned convertibles selling incredible million-dollar mansions. That’s very bad for the mindset now. Not just because of the 29 degree temperature difference. It would be stupid to feel miserable because of this too-much-of-everything display. Instead, look for something with an even lower climate than your current situation, where women over 70 have a few wrinkles reminding you of the one in your pajama pants. Like the fascinating Swedish family saga “Thicker Than Water”: sibling drama, skeletons in the closet and in season 2, set in winter, even ice holes. We do not want to spoil it for you. Just one question: Is that why Swedish movies and crime dramas are so successful, because they are warm patches for our own winter blues? Does it help you to know that the sun sets in Stockholm around 3:30 pm in January?


Face it: We are animals like everyone else. In winter, we need comfort food and a few extra pounds, just like the otters, groundhogs or hedgehogs we learned about way back in geography class. If you just prepared a butterless avocado toast for dinner, it's not too late. Slap it on your face, your tight skin will be happy. Don't just think omega 3 booster (thanks Vogue US) but also grandma's food replay. Anyone would be happy to be invited by you to next weekend's Sunday roast or Friday's lentil stew.

big best buddy taupe mit kinda chic

Don't forget, your winter beach is called bathroom. Our tip: Ciao honey, ciao kids, ciao sofa.... I'm off. Turn up the heat, put two beach towels on the floor and turn up the nostalgia. The jar of childhood scent – smells like teen spirit, doesn’t it? – should be absorbed in 30 minutes. In the meantime, do what you love to do on the beach in Ibiza: call your bestie, do a crossword puzzle, read, nothing?


Color up, we've talked about it so many times. Sweatpants are your best friend right now? Okay, let's stick to the rules of the game then. Take them out. Unzip the bottoms, put on some neon wool socks, pair them with a pussy bow blouse and a Norwegian slipover or the sequined blouse with batwing sleeves. Yes, we hear you, Madonna wore it 2015, but fashion years count like dog years. That’s why this look would fit perfectly to the Sunday roast revival under point 2. Put it right on your lunch invitation: Dresscode: Serial Sweatpants Glam'up.

Of course, your ZOÉ LU will go along every step of the way. Use everything you have to try and create the ultimate "I didn't think that would work" combo. Golden Best Buddy, the Pink Passion flap, Whipped Croco strap in green or the short Secret Keeper in creme … but WOW, how edgy! 

Everything goes!

And don't forget, the sun sets one to two minutes later every day now. Schedule those extra 60 to 120 seconds to write down 3 good things that happened to you during the day. The yummy cinnamon roll in the morning, the guy who smiled at you in the subway, or your ZOÉ LU Sale package that just turned up.

Anything goes!