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Exclusive Collection: ZOÉ LU x @so.leben wir

Discover our third collection with Sabrina from @so.leben.wir 🖤dropping on August 7, 7.30 pm

Who is @so.leben.wir? 

I'm Sabrina, a lifestyle blogger from Northern Germany. On my channel I invite my community into my colourful life and share my passion for interior design, gardening, fashion and much more. Hence the name so.leben.wir because we live just as individually and diversely. I don't have a fixed concept, but always listen to my gut feeling.

Your third ZOÉ LU collection is finally available from August 7. What was your inspiration for this collection?

I've always had a soft spot for beads, sequins and anything that glitters – whether it's jewelry, clothes or bags. I spent my first pocket money on a small vanity pouch covered with small, colorful beads. Even back then I couldn't resist! So, I just knew that I just had to do something with pearls in my third ZOÉ LU collection.

I wanted to make sure that all styles look good with each other and are great both during the day and as evening bags. The lilac Best Buddy, Big Best Buddy and Day Buddy are perfect as a base because lilac looks great with everything. Combined with orange and black, they give a certain edge to any look without overshadowing it. Blossom High, for example, totally reminds me of Indian summer.

What is special about this collection? 

Handmade with Love <3 – and you can notice! Each bead and embroidery are sewn on individually. The colors are perfect for every season and since the collection uses almost all colors, the flaps and straps can be combined with everything. I want everyone to feel and look amazing with my designs!

Which is your absolute style favorite?  

Phew, that’s hard. If I had to choose, I would probably go for the Big Best Buddy in lilac with the Blossom High and The Woven in lilac. But I love them all so much I want to wear them all at once!