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Snake up your inner Eve

The snake look is perfect for you, too! 

It is impossible to imagine your wardrobe without snake prints. A new classic, a symbol of your irresistible femininity. But wearing this pattern from your closet’s textile department is a bit more complicated, sunshine. A blouse, for example, looks super classy if you cultivate the bourgeois style à la Catherine Deneuve. A coat in snake is already a statement: Here I am, period! That leaves the shoes and your darling ZOÉ LU as the edgy choice.

Snake looks are guaranteed supreme chic. When you know how to wear them with that certain edge, they just fit any styling type. They upgrade every look as well as those "oh look, had exactly one minute to get dressed" moments and the bad hair normal-me days.

The new bohemian chic romantic: Upgrade the reflection of your romantic soul. Snake goes perfectly with your western millefleur dress and won't clash with your beige suede cowboy boots. With denim shorts or eyelet embroidery blouses. The Silly Saturday , for example, is like a festival every day, even if you just sing along in the shower at the moment. 

silly saturday

You’re the sporty type? Wear your look crossover your blue and white striped sweater or hoodie. Also looks great with a tennis racket under your arm or a yoga bag. Snake Date is the win-win look for you: set a stylish rhythm so you can transition seamlessly to the evening bar with her in tow. (Attention: pull the sweatband from your forehead 😉)

You’re a minimalism enthusiast? You have a substantial collection of white blouses, especially asymmetrical ones with sophisticated pleats are your thing? They are the perfect base for a ZOÉ LU Snake look. The new One for the Money in pink-snake is soo zen. Just the essentials plus the right now essential color splash. Black pumps and cigarette pants to go with it? A class act!

Simply feminine and always on the run. Do you see yourself here? On some days you just have time to throw on jeans, your sweater and trench coat, grab your Apple of Eden and drop off Maxi and Mini at kindergarten! Chic! This handbag is somewhere between au pair and personal assistant. Reliable. Your evening appearance will be terrific.

Ready? You're equipped with the strong colors of this season? Pink with green and orange with lilac or turquoise with yellow? Top your remarkable look with a crazy combo that says anything goes. In your world, snake is a neutral and water colors are there to hydrate looks. Curacao Cruising with anything is proof. Huh, did we just say the colorblock needs hydration? Only you get it!

curacao cruising

Queen of the Street Style. You wear XXL prints from head to toe, your pink tuxedo is the ultimate eye-catcher, you were the first to adorn her strict ponytail with braided ribbons, a style we have now spotted in Paris. No Excuses, you're perfect, therefore the self-evident snake look because you already passed the snake print styling exam years ago summa cum laude.