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Perfectly pale: Back to the classy color creme

Bye, bye, black! The crème de la crème of all colors will replace you this year as all-time favorite. Cream is THE trend color 2022. No wonder, or rather finally, because cream really looks great on everyone – we promise!

Perfect for the sunny, colorful spring in contrast to bright colors or – if you prefer it softer – as an all-over monochrome look. It's all about the combo! So grab your bag body Best Buddy, Big Best Buddy or Day Buddy in cream, combine it with your favorite changeable flap and you have a perfect outfit.

Anyone who still thinks that cream is synonymous with boring, pale and bland, better take another look. For us, this color is: timeless, chic, edgy, casual, elegant and, and, and ..., we could go on forever. And best of all, it's easy to style and goes with everything life throws at you.

Our favorite light basic is already available in our three bag sizes and as a purse as well. And surprise: On Sunday we’ll launch a lot of new changeable flaps and straps in all kinds of creamy varieties.

We’re happy to introduce you to our new family members!

weaving dream

Kinda Chic and Charming Tuesday for all clean & chic lovers

Our classics Kinda Chic and Charming Tuesday are definitely the right choice always – not just on charming Tuesdays! These allrounders go with anything, anywhere. A minimalist companion to your chic office outfit or as a counterpart to your flashy colorful summer looks. We love!

Dare Me and Summer Delight for all the edgy girls

Let us give you some sparkling summer joy with a touch of classy punk this spring: Dare Me and Summer Delight

dare me

Bohemian You for the boho fans

Our Bohemian You is feminine, playful and simply cool. Bring back a bit of 70s ethno chic and always feel like you're at the hippie festival, where we hope to dance again this summer..  

Innocent Bloom for the romantics

Happy spring: Inncocent Bloom, perfect for the blooming romantics among us to dream and yearn. Pimps every look and gives you new energy, power and optimism.

innocent bloom

Weaving Dream for those who love casual with an edge

Casual, simple but still that certain something. Looks great with any outfit – plaid, colorful or your little black dress – and is always an eye-catcher! May we introduce: Weaving Dream.


Lots of love and don’t forget: Always add some cream to your day!