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Packing panic: An Interview with Dr. Zoé Lu Everyone

Packing panic, suitcase sobs, carry-on crisis or even trunk trauma? Don’t panic, proceed to the gate, your departure will be a breeze! 

An Interview with Doctor Zoé Lu Everyone, Goodmoodology Specialist.

Dear doctor, today we want to talk about a disorder which is still taboo in our society and affects women in particular!

Dr. Zoé Lu Everyone: You‘re talking about packing panic, an issue that is in fact a big taboo in our hedonistic society, although it affects a large part of the female population. The symptoms are always the same. On Friday, you leave the office in triumph, ready for a fortnight in the sun. You might even have a great after-work drink with your workmates! But once you get home, you panic at the sight of your empty, open suitcase. I’d like to add that most people are packing hard-shell suitcases these days. They are even tougher..

What can we do? Why does this happen?

Dr. Zoé Lu Everyone: The empty suitcase yawning at us seems to carry a message. Like “Girl, I really hope this holiday tops the last one!” Its emptiness holds our high expectations, so to speak.

What to do? Tell yourself, "Don't be so hard on yourself. Take it easy." Really! Honestly, we all have our 3-4 summer favourites. In practice, women often tell me that they always end up wearing the one pair of jean shorts that looks best with those little salt crusts, from the beach to the mall. Which they have in common - excuse the brief detour - with hair. Apart from necessities like swimwear etc., I recommend 3 pairs of shorts, 3 favourite dresses, plus shirts and blouses to suit your mood; not only because they can be packed very rationally like little spring rolls in a 15-pack.

What are the usual non-necessities in the suitcase?

Dr. Zoé Lu Everyone: Cosmetics, definitely. Especially the excess of sunscreen products makes me wonder a lot. They all have that little 12M logo, but the filters weaken unless they have been kept strictly in a locked cupboard at room temperature. Besides, we reckon a bottle of sunscreen a week for a well-protected body. Just buy these products locally! It's easy, especially because 87.4 percent of women don't go to the pool or the beach first anyway, but speed to the pharmacy or the supermarket in SOS mode because they have forgotten an essential like toothbrush, hair ties or their shaver. And that's a good thing! Perfection is even less in demand in summer! We need to treasure such moments, even when it comes to contact lenses.

You preach total reduction with your tips. But we wonder why you make an exception for tops. Did you just say 15 tops versus 3 shorts?

Dr. Zoé Lu Everyone: Yes, exactly. The are the message board of Goodmoodology. Favourite shorts etc. are your personal style and nobody’s business but yours. Tops are MOTD vectors. By the way, I also include ZOÉ LU handbags here, both worn crossover or on a short strap. Use your imagination, classics, then again colours that flatter your tanned complexion at certain times of the day. To put it bluntly, ZOÉ LU bag flaps can be stowed away like sliced bread. Again, a 15-pack does not contradict rational packing. Let me add that today none of us packs a ton of snacks at the last minute, like our parents did. They’re available almost everywhere, just like flip-flops, flamingo swimming rings and crossword puzzle books. Mostly at a better quality, too. You see, there are 1000 good reasons to overcome packing panic now!

Dear Doctor, thank you for this interview!

We hope we could help you with your packing panic 😉 

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