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The little ZOÉ LU styling guide

How do I wear these new light gray looks?

Yes of course, Sunshine! Your ZOÉ LU can express sensitivity in a way only your outfit could before our handbag revolution. It precisely reflects your mood of the day or even kindly leaves the center stage to a statement piece of your wardrobe. Our new looks in this season’s neutral, light gray, are on such a mission.

Fashion has loud, strong colors in store for us this spring, like neons, frog green, pink, orange or a sunny yellow. Just like the pastel sista colors that have that ... well, let's say " Love & Peace " aura.

night walk auf best buddy creme

All these colorful outfit choices go better with light gray jeans than with your blue denims, for example, and the same goes for your new all-grey ZOÉ LU Choice.

Here are a few examples of how we love the monochrome look with Kinda Pure, Night Walk or Spot Lights and the light gray Best Buddy:

  • Wear the tone-on-tone combo to a uni dress from the color list above
  • Combine it with white jeans, a gray sweatshirt and XXL plastic flower earrings
  • With your black office suit, a white t-shirt and the silk ribbon in your hair that you brought back as a souvenir from the Rialto Bridge in Venice
  • With the olive green jumpsuit and your crazy multicolor sneakers
  • Crossover very cool with the orange oversize coat
  • With the colorful bouquet of tulips that you treat yourself to
  • With your paisley day pajama pants
  • As a non-distraction to your spotless white blouse and gray jeans
  • With fashion extras like fringes or sequins
  • With the plane ticket in your gray best buddy, plus 2 strong flaps in your suitcase, finally vacay...
  • On the very short strap to your Marlene pants
  • With a complete gray outfit with nothing but red lipstick for that certain edge
  • To the demo, so the focus remains entirely on your cardboard sign: "LOVE WINS".

spot lights auf best buddy hellgrau

Extra tight hug from
your ZOÉ LU