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Our new Kinda Flaps are designed for all your moods. There are blue days and pink days, we all know it. Test your tone of the day now and find out which flap is vibing with your mood. You’re welcome to come back tomorrow, we know you are at least as versatile as our brandnew Icon Flaps.

1. Today for breakfast…

♡ Eat grandma's fried potatoes again. No one can do them like that. 

♢ A nice plate, banana slices, blueberries and raspberries, and a few mint leaves. 

♤ ...just as usual, chai latte, a handful of almonds and run.

♧ Star breakfast buffet at the hotel. By the way, I can’t stand the people there who eat their usual yogurt + cereal.

2. Oldies but Goldies … very high on my playlist right now

♧ Yes, Sir I can boogie - Baccara 

♡ Jack & Diane - John Mellencamp

♤ Dirty Dancing forever 

♢ Walking on sunshine - Katrina & the Waves version

3. Bae is allowed to go shopping with you for once. Where do you end up?

♤ The nursery. Want to convince him that an all-white garden is totally chic. 

♧ Specialty store for sound systems. I've been looking into it, but he gets a say.

♢ Duh, to the supermarket to carry the boxes, there’s a big party this weekend....

♡ Shopping for Maxi’s birthday presents. The little one still likes to be surprised.

4. My next weekend getaway. Wowww, I'd love...

♤ Yoga- and meditation mountain retreat 

♧ To Paris for the exhibition " Hommage à Romy Schneider ", which her daughter helped to curate 

♡ To Stockholm for design shopping and then to the archipelago islands to relive Astrid Lindgren's "Holidays on Saltkråkan " 

♢ Ibiza, but can't it be a week? 

5. My classified ad. Urgently look for… 

♧ Late 1990s designer costume jewelry. Belts with jewelry buckles, brooches, etc. Too much is just good enough. 

♤ The first aerobic vinyl records. Wanna try this...

♢ ... my purse. Did I lose it during the girls night out yesterday? No worries...

♡ A perfume I bought at a pharmacy in Siena that's not available anywhere else. Is anyone going there?

6. my childhood dream I would like to make happen...

♤ Being locked up in the chocolate factory with Charlie. Not afraid of the Willy Wonkas of this world 

♡ Running a pony farm 

♧ Spending the night in a department store 

♢ Being Olivia Newton John in Grease. I’ll start with the look right away. Does anyone have curlers?   

7. My good mood magic weapon! 

♡ Thai food with the besties. I die for Thai ♡

♧ Locking myself in my home spa for an hour with music and candles. Here we go again

♢ Baking cupcakes with mega decorations and hand them out to everyone

♤ Off into nature, put on old clothes and hug a few trees 😉


Sunshine, do you have a clear majority on one of the 4 symbols? Then we can help you with kinda inspiration. We also know that this relates to your mood of the day. That’s why you should take the quiz again. Trust your crush & trust yourself ...

♢ Your winner!

You are on a mood and color high. Sweep everyone along! Your life is a coloring book these days, where not even the trees are painted green. Why not orange? We recommend Kinda Elf, Kinda Mandarin, Kinda Heather or Kinda Mauve… can it get any better? 

♤ on top?

You're in your pragmatic phase and handling it systematically: great mix of discipline and joy. You really do yourself good and seem to be in top shape. Promise, we'll join you for sports soon. Topping on the program. Kinda Mistral, Kinda Purple, Kinda Begonia.

♧ wins, wow!

It wasn't written in the stars, but you're surfing a very feminine, confident wave right now, feeling so comfortable in your skin that your advice is valuable for others as well. So we can only recommend to go all in. Kinda Liquid Gold, Kinda Babyblue, Kinda Mauve, Kinda Chichi, Kinda Flirty?

♡ Days, Sunshine?

Very sensitive and focused on what matters, you are currently working through a to-do list that will soon sweeten your life. You are completely focused on everything that is dearest and most important to you. Your besties have already noticed this in your clean-cut outfits. We recommend two options. Shades of Blue or rather serial Love Pink? Kinda Iconic, Kinda Jeans, Kinda Deep or Kinda Vamp?