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Hello sweet Valentine - how to spend it?

Well, Sunshine, do you have a date tomorrow, will you reenact the Lady & the Tramp spaghetti scene with bae in the restaurant or rather the other iconic one: Sally for Harry, hellooo? Then you're good to go. Here are a few tips for those who don't have a plan.

1. The Bachelorette Me Night 

The number 1 for ZOÉ LU, not because we are pessimistic about Prince Charming, but because of our mantra, which you know so well by now. Love yourself the most, aka "Please treat yourself as well as your best friend".
Treat yo’self, please. Mask on, you are at home. Think of pure honey for a change, Cleopatra's nectar really leaves the skin rosy and smooth. Think of the most beautiful thing about the V-DAY tradition: handwritten cards for loved ones. Translation 2022: Pick up the phone instead of endless texting. Your mom will be happy as well as some other people on your to do list. Don't forget: Use your AirPods while you're at it, you've got all that honey on your face.
Also enjoy that extra favorite yummy stuff that you usually reserve for guests only. Some great gambas, the mango carved as a lotus flower, or are you a macaron type, Sweet Tooth? But if you are deeply disappointed that your me date isn’t romantic enough, think of the brand new lilac ZOÉ LU looks.

sweet crush

2. The All my Valentines Evening

Girls' night out? 'Licorice Pizza' and 'The House of Gucci' are two great options. After all those movie nights on your sofa, going to the movies almost feels like a visit to Cannes. A mega event, so dress up. Put together an early 80s California Cool look for movie option No.1, for the Italian Mamma Mia fashion family drama you can go fully mid-90s, more hysteria than just over the top.
Also nice: a theme night at home. We had so much fun the other night when we got out the old "The Game of Life" board game again. Remember: a dice game with life choices. What job, what house, what salary to choose, children to win. An interesting "What has become of our dreams " conversation starter.

If it's happening at your place, make a French quiche in your heart baking dish as the main course. A well-timed statement against the pink heart sweet stuff of the day. Very easy: ready-made puff pastry or shortcrust pastry, plus 20 cl sour cream, 20 cl milk, 3 eggs that you whisk with salt and pepper. After you have laid out the baking dish with the (pieced) dough, your favorite ingredients come in (such as sautéed bacon and grated Emmental for the classic Quiche Lorraine or tuna x spinach, or sautéed zucchini slices x feta ...). Pour the milk-cream-egg mix on top and put the whole thing in the oven at 180 degrees for 25 minutes.


3. The gorgeous Oh my Darling Valentine Night

Congrats, bae is alright?! He is in? We already talked about restaurant options in the intro. You plan to stay in? Plan an exclusive cooking show. Put a selection of super-aphrodisiac foods on the table. Testosterone enhancers are cocoa, avocado, celery, cloves, cinnamon or oysters: " Honey, you have one hour to cook a recipe with 3 elements and all our supplies." If it turns out to be a cacao-cinnamon-celery pie, there's always takeout.
But seriously: There must be something romantic you can do in your city or in the countryside or just around the corner that you rarely think about. A steamboat trip, the old cabin up there in the forest with your carved heart still visible, the hop-on-hop-off tourist bus? Try to find something for your after-work love trip that you never have the time for otherwise. A noted exclusion is of course the Swedish shelf that has been collecting dust in its flat cardboard box for 8 months. A more realistic option for you two sweethearts is a little karaoke duet show. Sonny & Cher, Diana Ross & Lionel Ritchie, Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera... Bae & Sunshine.
Above all, have fun!