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How to prep: Wishlists, Shoppings & Christmas

ZOÉ LU will help you through the Black Weeks!

Anything beautiful as gifts for your loved ones or yourself, now it's important to make sustainable choices. Let's assess your priorities with a system.

Take the time to go through your closet and take stock. The closet zombies that haven't seen daylight in months go to the left and your few besties to the right. This will give you a good sense of who you are today. Everything jeans, pencil skirt, floral dress? Write down what you are missing. Is it the classic camel-colored wrap coat, a pair of cowboy boots, or a replacement for your gray cashmere sweater that looks super tired by now? Only then visit your go-to online stores and let your favorites inspire you. It’s so satisfying to approach this with a system. The left side of your closet says it all really. You might want to think about reselling those trendy pieces on various platforms. After all, second hand is a massive lifestyle choice for the 18+ generation.

Do you have a plan? What do the coming months have in store for you? Do you have more weddings coming up in 2022 than the mayor of your hometown? Then look for a killer dress! Are you in a sports frenzy? You've earned that edgy sportswear outfit. Negotiations at work? A director's cut pantsuit is an investment piece. If you want to beautify your apartment, then focus on deco choices.

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For the ones you 🖤! Another expression for Black Friday: the exceptional Gifting Festival. The best opportunity to deal with your Christmas list once and for all and then enjoy the best part of Advent, the peace, the cosy invitations, the mulled wine. Make a list here as well. Who do you exchange small gifts with, who gets big ones? There are so many ways to filter your way through your favorite web stores. Narrowing down price categories is only the first step. Are you looking for jewelry, beauty products, accessories, a great plaid? Cybercurate your gift list and head out to town whenever possible to shop what you have so lovingly selected.

How to Do Black Friday Shopping @ ZOÉ LU?

We guess that you have a personal wishlist in mind. Pieces to give your special collection the twist that changes everything... whether it's for your one & only handbag or her new Big Sistahs, the Day Buddy and Big Best Buddy. Changing the looks takes less than a little make up session, so follow your instincts. Which ZOÉ LU accessories will give your style that super blush effect now? Are you in a classic phase, do you need a multivitamin boost via handbag? The right moment for a spectacular color or studs! Do you need a short strap to give a more upbeat allure to your anorak+bobble hat+fur boots moment? You know best. As for ZOÉ LU gifts, we highly recommend you take our style quiz again on behalf of mom, big sister or your best friend. You'll be surprised how on point the suggestions are even for your favorite people.