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New family member: Come onto my arms, you big ZOÉ LU!

The Big Best Buddy, your Best Buddy‘s big sister, has arrived. Spectacular statement, brand-new perspectives. This moment is so special for us - and for you, as super ambassador of the one & only handbag with the many styles.

It' s a bit like having a second baby. Only that based on our ZOÉ LU love-my-handbag logic, the big one arrives after the baby. That’s why we’ll handle this according to "there will be a sister soon" psychology. Gently! We thank goodmoodology specialist Doctor Zoé Lu Mustermann for her helpful tips, so that the expansion of the family won’t totally overwhelm you (and us) emotionally.

Big Best Buddy Thumbnail

1. You think all your heart belongs to the No.1… 

Practical Implementation

... and suddenly there’s an equally large space that we didn't even know existed. It’s simple: We are Family, the heart is a big, warm, cuddly and above all elastic place. This will help you explain it to bae. He will just have to love this proof that you are such a faithful, solid and family-loving person. (But don’t overdo it, like "Are you sitting down? I have great news for you... ")

2. You wonder if the new one is like the baby. Will the two get along?

Practical Implementation

Every child is different. Same gene pool, different character. Decide if you want to play it safe. In this case we recommend the Big Best Buddy in light grey, black, taupe or cognac. Crème is a great base for a very lively family member, which your besties and others will recognize immediately if she turns up, for example, with colorful or sparkly flap.

3. Bonding: "You're just the way I wanted" or "the great getting along". 

Practical Implementation

Who else has a ‘those two stick together through thick & thin' guarantee in life? Of course this addition to the ZOÉ LU Family matches all the looks in your collection. Great perspectives: Classy, edgy, sporty – your previous flaps, straps, keychains ... it’s up to you now to turn the Big Best Buddy into a mega statement piece. We can’t wait for the photo album of her first great moments 😉

4. Own the competition or how to deal with the looks of others

Practical Implementation

As you know from past experience, a chic saddle bag on your shoulder is a statement to your sense of style as well as your supposed self-confidence. This spectacular variant calls for a smooth introduction to your social circles. An example: When you drop off your kid at school, abstain from triumphantly pulling out the lunch box, the 7-inch crocheted Bart Simpson puppet and Maxi's fire engine in front of other parents. When at a meeting, don’t conspicuously take out your notebook, a water bottle, your glasses case and a banana. Slow down!

Big Best Buddy creme

5. Special-Dates with everyone 

Practical Implementation

Just a few days until your new one arrives? Have extra fun with your faithful Best Buddy. Choose the craziest combinations from your collection. Once your Big Best Buddy is there, give her the responsibility she deserves. In other words: So.Much.Room. Take her on those "I'm off and take my whole life with me" outings. Like to work, the gym, to the supermarket ... or even on a date if there’s chance you won’t end up in your own bed that night. Just like that: on the short strap all through the night. Use your beloved classic Best Buddy to signal the opposite: "Babe, don’t even think about anything more happening than two cocktails and a short moonlit walk " (Between us: We know that it easily holds our toothbrush, contact lenses, mascara & makeup removal pads 😉)

6. Upon special request - a clarification from Team ZOÉ LU:

Just to be clear: We never asked you to take out your second favorite handbag in the stroller. Meaning: It‘s great as a diaper bag to hang on it. Bottle, 2 diapers, a onesie ... easy-peasy!

Adopt the ZOÉ LU Handbag Revolution II.