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Missed Coachella? Here is Couchella and Hooray Holidella!

These Fringe Styles are your Must-Have for the Sommer of Love '22! 

This brand-new Day Buddy is the key piece for your beautiful summer. A size that fits everything you need. Black, beige, orange, steel blue, 4 remarkable colors. And… fringes! Whether you're a classic guitar hippie or switch to bohemian chic in the summer, you’ll be dressed perfectly with these pieces (plus some textiles, of course). They’ll always put you in a festival mood. How to? Let's break down the fringe favorites together, Sunshine!

day buddy orange


A new classic in the laid back ZOÉ LU universe. This Buddy is perfect for both concerts and the office. In the latter case, it radiates: it's summer, boss, let's celebrate chillness. Wear it in the office with black Audrey pants and ballerinas (which have a definite comeback) together with a somewhat playful blouse and hoop earrings, and it’ll give you the feminine swing only high lace-up stilettos have otherwise. Super allure, super feminine! If you want to rock this Buddy, it looks great to the t-shirt with a washed-out image of your favorite stars. Jim Morrison, Justin Bieber, Ernie & Bert? You already know best 😉


An all-rounder! If you want to build sandcastles on the beach with Maxi and Mini, don’t panic! Wear it crossover to your striped shirt tucked in high waist jean shorts. The fringes will rock it away on your hips and signal that you are more than just a mom. A cool chick! ‘Mrs. Coney Island '22’, so to speak. On the other end of the summer styling range is everything classically hippie, of course. Feel free to wear a backpack with this natural fringe style and ferry hop between the Greek islands. With the tunic x linen pants, the flouncy, floor-length dress, the eyelet embroidery mini dress and the colorful sneakers: Queen of cool!

day buddy fransen beige


The edgy choice, not only because this tone sets off your great summer color. Did you know that orange is one of the luxury codes?! There is this Parisian supadupa chic brand that only wraps in radiant orange. Not with ZOÉ LU! Take this buddy to Provence, for example, and play it like the Parisiennes of the lavender fields. Light blue men's shirt tucked in a long skirt + XXL waist belt + espadrilles. The baguette and basil will easily fit in for a little while. By the way, the hippie chic society between Gordes and Saint Remy de Provence also has its summer festivals. Jazz in Arles, Festival lyrique (grand opera) in Aix en Provence? This Buddy knows the music. Superior and génial!


This color is mega. Your inner hippie princess will set new standards this summer. You know Ibiza inside out? Between night outs, the best chiringuitos in coves not everyone can crack, between the crazy busy city and tapas in Santa Insidertipa. Do as these upper-classy Spanish women do. Wear this buddy on the short strap with an olive green spaghetti sleeve cotton gauze nothing and a sleek & wet ponytail, or else with a beige safari mini dress x natural strappy sandals. Wow! Just like all the others, this Buddy is of course perfect for Summer in the City as well, called your personal couchella festival here. Let the fringe dance, even if you're working off incredible to-do lists. Wear them with all your favorite looks & feel the groove!

day buddy royalblau