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I LOVE YOU, I LOVE ME: The Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Riddle me this, riddle me that: What spells lack of imagination better than roses for Valentine's Day? Chocolates are like spa appointments: They last an hour and then they are a thing of the past. Whether as a decision-making tool for bae or as gifts for your favorite people. Here's our love note to all the exciting ZOÉ LU Valentines. Do you see yourself or your besties? 


Your inner Swede loves clogs with thick woolen stockings and a neon down jacket over a flowered dress in winter? There’s no plaid on your sofa, but you wear a poncho? You're the only one who actually owns 5% of the mystery ingredients in Ottolenghi's cookbooks? You're in the starting blocks for a spring of eyelet embroidery and determined that your 2022 will include a festival summer. Well then, Saddle Up!

Love you EDGY ZOÉ LU 

You’re the number 1 influencer for your favorite people. We love how you always make a statement somehow. You left us breathless the other day when we bumped into you in the city, with your Sherlock Holmes-ish plaid cape matched with a touristy I 🖤 NY hat. Great art. Serial fashionsta, we love how you give that extra good mood boost to all things in life. We've been lurking in the shadows of the pedestrian zone to see what you’ll do with spring's pastel colors. One thing's for sure: the confident Stay Away with its couture-y gold studs is a top option.

saddle up


Hello dearest color therapist! Health insurance should reimburse you for your optimistically optimized looks because you blow us away. Green, red, purple, yellow... the other day we went through our closet and pushed the no-color sweaters to the back... aaand the first row is empty. Give yourself an extra challenge this spring: "Find a purple dress or coral flare pants". Here’s your perfect partner in crime, through thick and thin: Tempt Me! in loved-up red!

Love you CHIC  ZOÉ LU 

Yes, you’re right. A tuxedo in the closet is half the battle. Perfect even for the job date with the white T-shirt underneath. Can you tell us the brand again, we know you bought a 12-pack of those in Venice Beach and since then haven’t allowed any other cotton outerwear to enter your closet. Seeing your brilliantly reduced 3-flower vases at home makes us doubt our huge bouquet on the kitchen table. You are our goddess of essentialism. In short: One for the Money in cream is your perfect handbag. It's as simple as that.

one for the money creme


Thanks for holding up the flag for us. Just a little tenderness. Apparently, your wardrobe choices in the morning are a "I'm comfortable where I am" decision. In the center of it all: the blouses. Whether embroidered or the light blue and white ones with the ruffles on the button placket. The one with the millefiori print matched with your sailor pants with the gold buttons blew us away the other day. We'll ask for everyone's sake: Where can we order it? Soon you will embrace spring and he will smell this wonderfully feminine perfume on your hairline. Main option for you without any doubt: Dateless Love!


You’re our healthy lovely lifestyle leader. Thanks for the link to the 30-day yoga challenge. And for the remark that this is a winter option. We agree: It’s enough to go out into the fresh air otherwise. A parka from that New Zealand brand which in theory can take you to the North Pole, cosy sweaters and a well-stocked jeans library with all genres from boyfriend to customized and you’re all fixed. Did you say the other day that you're saving up for a horseback riding vacation in Iceland? No doubt, take the Bet on Black and run.