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Spring Now

Start your inner little sunshine factory to produce happiness and contentment now!

Even if April fools us, spring is here and that's that. There are 1000 little things you can be happy about now. And there are many happiness chips that you can make yourself. Here are a few ideas ☺️

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1. Spring cleaning: Skincare. Your skin has become thicker during the winter and toxins have built up. Think of a clean, gentle scrub to help it out of hibernation. At our office we love 2 homemade recipes. Easy: The juice of half a lemon + 1 tbsp honey + 1 tsp of anti-inflammatory cinnamon on damp skin for 15 min or half a seeded cucumber (super astringent) + 1 egg white and the juice of half a lemon in a blender. Eyes closed, snooze for 15 min... then hydrate well.

2. Spring Color up your looks. Throw your closet wide open and analyze it. "You'll have to wait in the back". Restack your pants and tops. Dark colors go in the back or even right out. Pieces in optimistic pastels or light tones like mint, light pink, light yellow, blue or gray take the front row central spot, power tones too. Coral, orange, steel blue, yolk yellow … Start every day with a clear statement.

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3. Conscious Spring. Version 22. All we think of is yellow and blue really and we know that every gesture of solidarity helps the Ukraine. If you have kids, Easter preparations are a great opportunity to talk. They won't forget if you set a blue/yellow theme for coloring and painting eggs. You can also find some great tutorials online for DIY sunflowers that vary in difficulty. Tag it with #standwithukraine. We know your heart, it’s super important now that we keep up the support.

4. Produce new energy. If you're not a sporty ZOÉ LU girl, spring is the best time to tickle those endorphins that come from physical activity. Walking or rather cycling? 5 minutes of Power Gym from the internet every day and then a slightly cooler shower. Yeah, you know what we're aiming at. The French have launched a campaign to save energy, which is surely coming to us, too. Boosting your own energy now is really a great system to feel great AND be sustainable while you’re at it.

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5. Home sweet home. Give your four walls a little reboot now. Once we're done with spring cleaning and the house smells like a fresh flower meadow, nothing can stop us really. Even your living room has winter outfits. Your couch is like a dress-up doll. What looked great with the Christmas tree goes back into the closet for a while. Cream or pastel pillows instead of gray and green? The fluffy plaid versus lighter options? A bouquet of tulips and herb seeds in the kitchen that will soon give you that little 'awww it goes on' effect every morning.

6. Plan crazy dates. After hibernating forever, your groundhog besties are back? That's great. Think about out-of-the-box events that go beyond the usual "we have to hang out sometime". Who said park dates only make sense when it's at least 20 degrees and you had your rosé picnic? Another option is a badminton tournament. Surprise the gang with a bowling night, do a spring fever literary club, or an old fashion outing to a tourist hotspot near your place where you'll stray from the beaten path. New stimulus versus routine is everything.

7. ZOÉ LU can do it all. Every day is different. The bright, the shiny or the mellow slow-life moments. Then power days, something else again, romantic, just shiny or very busy. Think about which mind set and look you want most now, which is the best way to push your inner "love yourself" forces ... You know best, you are your best stylist, Sunshine!