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Founders & Faces #1: Super Streusel

In our monthly Founders & Faces column, we introduce you to inspiring founders and faces from fashion, beauty and lifestyle. This time we talked to the two founders of Super Streusel, Dani and Kati, about their founder story, the mission behind Super Streusel and much more.

Super Streusel Gründerinnen

Who and what is behind your brand?

We are Dani and Kati, two sisters originally from the Rhineland, living in Hamburg and making Super Streusel. We sell sprinkle mixes and all kinds of super cute and sweet decorations to turn any plain cake into a work of art in no time at all.

How do you come up with the idea of founding an online company for sprinkles?

Before Super Streusel, we already had our own online shop guter kuchen with customised cake pops. And not by accident either, we are daughters of a pastry chef and grew up in our parents’ own pastry shop. So we know the sweet trade from the bottom up. In fact, we had to found Super Streusel because there were simply no pretty, glitzy-glam sprinkles for cake decoration to be found in Germany. We absolutely had to close this market gap ;)

What is it like to found a company with your sister?

Fantastic! We were just talking about that again in the car today after work, how great it is that we are going this way together, that we are rocking our business together as entrepreneurs. It's great fun, we know each other inside out and can tell what's going on just by looking at each other. We always have a partner in crime by our side, with whom it is often easier to make decisions than alone. Of course we bitch at each other from time to time, that's what we've been doing for many years naturally:) But we complement each other perfectly – where one of us goes too far, the other one rows back, so that we can always sail through fairly safe waters...

What is the vision and mission behind Super Streusel? 

We want to make the world of baking more colourful! Really more colourful, more varied, more cheerful, more exciting, more connected, more fun! We want to inspire people and show that you don't have to be a master pastry chef to make other people really happy with homemade baked goods. We want to show that baking is fun and that you can create something yourself, even if you think "baking is not for me".

What do you enjoy most in your daily business? 

That we can do what we want. That we can make stupid jokes in the office and it's totally ok if nobody laughs. That we work with the best team in the world. That we can throw confetti in the office whenever we want. That we get a lot of community support! That we can really really really make a lot of people happy with our products. That people have a good time because they sprinkle themselves happily with Super Streusel. For us, this is still incredible and we are ultra grateful. We love it!

Super Streusel

Before you got started, what you did you think would be easier than it actually was?

Phew. Maybe the work-life balance. We knew beforehand there would be a lot of work and we always try to balance life as well as possible, but sometimes it's difficult to maintain the perfect balance.

What is the most important lesson you have learned so far? Can you share 3 tips with other founders?

1. Just do and don’t overthink everything beforehand

2. If your gut screams no, listen closely

3. Believe in yourself (sounds banal, but it's great!) and celebrate your successes. Not necessarily by partying, but taking a break in between and patting yourself on the back. We don’t do this often enough, but it’s extremely motivating.

What was your absolutely best moment with Super Streusel? 

Our first TV appearance 1.5 years ago was quite a highlight for us, although we were so busy that we didn't realise how cool it was until afterwards:) But honestly, there are so many great moments: the many mega-awesome people who super-streusel, the insane cakes that are pimped with Super Streusel, our team that is a thousand percent Super Streusel... or when we visit friends of friends and see Super Streusel on their kitchen shelf just like that. Crazy.

What will the future hold for Super Streusel? Are you planning more products or even your own stores?

Endless product ideas, cool innovations, new paths, brilliant concepts and cooperations... when we launch one idea, the next one is already waiting in the pipeline.

Where do you get your inspiration, e.g. for new products or sprinkle mixes?

In everyday life, in the supermarket, on the street, at the traffic lights, on the billboard, in the playground, from conversations, books, phone calls, series, family, neighbours, friends.... inspiration for everything lurks everywhere!

What are the must-haves in your handbag that you can't leave the house without?

Oh god... mobile phone!

What Super Streusel or mix would you use to decorate your ZOÉ LU?

Püppilotta, golden chocolate balls, lilac SuperDrip and pink SuperGlitterPowder!


For more info on Dani, Kati and Super Streusel, click here.  

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