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In our monthly Founders & Faces column, we introduce you to inspiring founders and faces from fashion, beauty and lifestyle. This time we talked to Sabrina from so.leben.wir about her journey to becoming a social media influencer, her second collection with ZOÉ LU and much more.. 

Out of Space

Who is so.leben.wir, how did you get this name? 

I'm Sabrina, a lifestyle blogger from Northern Germany. On my channel I invite my community into my colourful life and share my passion for interior design, gardening, fashion and much more. Hence the name so.leben.wir because we live just as individually and diversely ☺️

What do you stand for with so.leben.wir and which topics are particularly close to your heart?

Basically, I share everything that interests and inspires me. As long as it makes life a bit more beautiful, it deserves a place on my channel: interior design, fashion, beauty, food ... everything that is part of this. In summer it’s often my garden, and in winter it's more about interior design and decoration. But I also get a lot of questions about fashion, for example, where I like to shop and which products I really recommend. It's just a very colorful mix of everything that gives me pleasure. I don't have a fixed concept, but always listen to my gut feeling.

How did you get into blogging and what was it like in the beginning?

I started blogging during my parental leave. I had more time at home than before and liked browse Instagram for ideas for children's birthdays or decoration. After a while I was tired of just watching and wanted to share as well. Then I started posting my first pictures of my boys' bedrooms. At that time, I was one of the few who showed colorful children's rooms and decorations. My account continued to grow and people had more and more questions, which is why I decided to share more areas of my life and focus even more on my Instagram account.

One for the Money flieder

It takes a lot of courage to give up a secure job and venture into self-employment. Did that worry you?

I considered this question for 2 years and thought it over really carefully before taking this step. It was definitely the right path for me. I found exactly my platform and my community with Instagram. Now I can do what I've always wanted to do – inspire and excite others. In retrospect, I would even say that I wish I had taken the step earlier.

What lessons have you learnt from your time on social media that you would like to share with others?

Stay real. Trust yourself and your gut feeling. You don't have to conform and do exactly the same as everyone else, but stay true to yourself and do your thing as you see fit.

How is your daily life as a blogger? You make everything look easy on Instagram, but it's surely a lot of work.

Yes, definitely! I get up early in the morning when my kids are still asleep and get ready straight away. After I take the kids to school, I have the morning to myself. Then I try to get most of my work done like shooting stories or preparing posts. Ideally, I keep the afternoon free for spending time with my loved ones and doing all the other things involved.

Who supports you with all the work? There is a lot more to it than "just" content production. 

My family supports me. They advise me on all important decisions and their opinion is incredibly important to me. For example, to this day my father gets all my post captions sent to him for approval. This reassurance means a lot to me ☺️ Apart from that, I continue to take care of all the other matters myself, such as cooperation management, invoicing, bookkeeping and so on.

Make a Wish

Can you really relax and put the cell phone away or is that difficult for you?

It depends. Mostly yes, but of course it's not always easy 😉 It's my passion to share beautiful things, so it's sometimes difficult not to post certain things directly, for example on holiday. I'm also quite impulsive, so I either post my impressions immediately or not at all. But certain days of the year, like Christmas or my children's birthdays, are sacred to me and I don't find it difficult to put my phone away.

What has been your best experience with so.leben.wir so far?

There are so many great experiences that I have had thanks to so.leben.wir, but the most important thing is the relationships that grew through this. Both with my followers but also with my partners. It's really special when a long-lasting collaboration like ours grows and also works so well on a personal level. That’s why our joint collections are definitely among my most beautiful experiences.

Since you mention it, your second ZOÉ LU Kollektion is available today. What was your inspiration for this collection? 

With my collection, I wanted to create styles that can be combined with each other and that work both in everyday life and in the evening. I want everyone to feel comfortable and radiant in my designs! An extra dose of glam never hurts 😉  I'm a big fan of metallic tones and find that a silver bag body is the perfect basic piece and goes with everything. I also love soft berry tones and find the combination with neutral tones super cool and edgy. For the collection design, we also listened to the wishes of my community, because so many people wrote to me that they couldn't get their favourite pieces last year and were hoping for a second edition. That's why we decided to use highlights from the last collection as well as completely new styles.

Can you give us an insight into the process of creating your collection?

It wasn’t as easy because of the Corona restrictions – we couldn't meet and create live together. But we had great video calls to discuss different ideas, create designs and test materials. But it’s always a very special moment for me when I finally get my hands on the first samples after months of planning. That's when everything becomes real at last.

Which one of your styles do you wear most at the moment?

At the moment I love the combo of my Buddy in silver with the Sky High, the Milky Way in beige and the Take a long Turn

Sky High

What product do you think we absolutely need to launch?

I’d love to have a cute box for storing my flaps and straps!


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