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Festive Looks: X-Mas Sparkle everywhere

Merry Christmas, Gorgeous! 

You still in your pajamas? Wearing the super ugly Christmas sweater, panda eyes and a reindeer hairband on half-mast? After last night! ZOÉ LU will be your Mother Hulda. We’ll fling open the windows, shake up your blanket and tell you: On we go! It's the season of ultra-max chic and that's why we want to introduce you to looks that will party along with you through the next days according to your end-of-year type. The only thing you’ll have to make yourself is coffee.

1. For you up on the mountain, ski bunny! Hitting the slopes at 8 in the morning is a matter of honor. Fortunately, it’s getting dark out there at 4.00 pm and you can dive into the après-ski fun. Because these colors reflect the snow beautifully and pimp your snow man outfit: Petrol Bomb!

petrol bomb auf best buddy gold

2. For the traditional Christmas lovers ... If the tree decorations have to be green/red with straw stars and cones and nothing else and you, like the Queen, suddenly want to play charades with everyone who rings your doorbell: Glam Bam Dusk!

3. For all friends of candy-cane-sweet Christmas movies who will get going in a moment to celebrate a mega metallic party with tons of friends (don’t forget the George Michael tribute): Kinda Glam!

kinda glam auf best buddy bronze

4. For the mommy fairies, the persons of the year again, because in these days you have to make sure that 'My mommy is the most beautiful' and these handbags easily hold the UNO cards for your New Year's Eve party at home (the next party is coming for sure): Black Sparkle!

5. For you, the Christmas allergic, sleeping since Christmas morning and waiting for your moment with a sheet mask a day. New Years Eve' only party girl, rock it (but turn around once): Kinda Sophisticated!