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The ZOÉ LU Colour Guide #1

Black & White and the basic colours

The ZOÉ LU handbag is your social media with a difference, as a collector of our flaps you can send a precise statement about your mood every day. It's totally fascinating what colours say beyond your own MOTD and what symbolic and historical meaning they carry.


is the number one colour in our western world with no end in sight. Blue is calming, deep and adaptable. It is the colour of our modern uniform – we mean jeans, invented in 1850. Light blue gets an extra prize for its delicate, feminine nature. Historically, the triumph of blue began in the 12th century, when artists began to use the colour to paint the sky, which they previously saw more in shades of red and gold.

At ZOÉ LU, the colour is easy-going for every day: I feel comfortable in my skin, what else...

Blind Faith


Passion, power, joie de vivre. It is the colour that the human eye perceives first. It’s like a signal. Red flags, street signs... Pure red has been the privilege of the powerful since the Middle Ages, the common people wore faded shades.

ZOÉ LU says: Red is the best confident statement colour, a perfect push also for the reserved, Gorgeous! Combine it with soft tones like rosé or peach and it's even more subtle.


The oldest colour together with red and black. Pure innocence! Angels wear white dresses. By the way, white wedding dresses have only been a must-have since the 18th century, when the standards of propriety for brides in our western world rose rapidly. Did you know, knickers were also available in white only until 100 years ago.

At ZOÉ LU, choosing white means something very different: luxury, edgy individuality. Styling powerhouse. Because classic handbagology, where you have to buy a complete bag, is afraid of white leather.

Hug Me


Zen, healthy, positive. Green means hope and only recently started to represent the love of all things authentic. Emerald, loden, or mint green lovers: this colour is a fairly recent success. Dragons, demons and even the "Ew gorgeous, I feel sick " emoji. Maybe because green pigments have been a huge challenge for a very long time, hard to stabilise: Have you noticed that the lawn and the trees in granny’s photos got the yellow tinge first?

ZOÉ LU green is soooooo tomorrow though, for conscious queens with a lust for life, it’s simply a must for the most appetizing of all fashion combos.


Hello summer sunshine, sun, optimism; the multi-vitamin colour that makes everything appear in a beautiful light. Don't think that we have a favourite among the colours here. You can't imagine how long yellow was snubbed in history! It was essentially gold for losers until the impressionist painters fell in love with it.

At ZOÉ LU, yellow has the extra smiley guarantee. Whether you wear it with white, with jeans or take it to drink mulled wine later in the year, everyone will thank you!

Dear Sahara


Last but not least, the one and only: elegant, luxurious, classy, self-confident ... well, black!

According to the ZOÉ LU colour guide, black offers the No.1 and No.2 building blocks on which you can build collections.

See you soon for mixed colour cocktail hour, gorgeous!