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The ZOÉ Lu Strap Science

Your handbag is more than a container on a strap. It is your companion, secret keeper and a buddy to hold on to in tricky situations. Wearing it on the hip gives completely different vibes than carrying it crossover like a shield, for example. It’s your favorite partner for the pas de deux, the dance through life. Let's break down the ZOÉ LU x strap science, Sunshine.  

The bounce, bounce bella option

First, the rarest way to carry your handbag. If you were happily singing ‘Crazy in Love’ while scrubbing in the shower at 7 this morning, you should also think about letting your ZOÉ LU bounce along on your hand while running around town. La la la extreme good mood styling.

This choreography is perfect with the short-straps Chain Gang or the elegant Hold me Tights. A combo with a flap that seems sweet and classic at first glance gives your silhouette even more groove. 

chain gang snake

For the crossover amazons

From the left shoulder to the right hip ... This way of carrying your bag is for no-drama girls, on days when you need an estimated 6 shiva arms. It signals cool when everything is actually boiling over. It allows you to carry Maxi's pacifier, banana, sandbox bucket and the baguette. Or to make life a catwalk with both hands in the pockets of your jumpsuit.

Don’t forget that in these cases the strap of your bag replaces the jewelry. Who needs necklaces and brooches when you're wearing an extra chic ZOÉ LU strap. The refined Chain Gang with its leather shoulder part signals laid back elegance. An edgy Fix It with a lobster clasp or a studded Take a long Turn are the crown jewels that accentuate your easy going look.

Under arm candy

You are sooo proud of your ZOÉ LU people keep asking you about, that you want to keep it as close as possible to your irresistible smile. Wear it safely tucked under your arm, say a resounding yes to this promising day and take off into the world that is your playground today.

Show ‘em. Go for extra precious things to go with the ZOÉ LU you’re so proud to carry. Full Bloom, our Spring Star with its intricate floral embroidery lets your white bohemian blouse shine even more. An Iconic Stars is the 5 star topping on your sporty styles.

Full Bloom schwarz

On your elbow baby it's a wild world

You have an executive day on your agenda? You need to negotiate or set something right? Your ZOÉ LU worn on your elbow is power option No.1. Remember your bestie’s pep talk last night and her whole " love yourself first" mantra. In short, show your confidence today.

Full Bloom is very feminine, the Secret Keeper is very businesslike in its way. Especially cool with the ZOÉ LU big ones, which allow you to bring half of your office without looking serial serious. They are the perfect contrast to your executive outfit. Go, sunshine! The day will be mega!

Charming traditional long lover

Perhaps the most feminine way to carry his handbag, do not you think? Well, if you're going to go for it, go for it. Wear it really long this spring, so it bumps off the very bottom of your hip bone every now and then. So sweet & charming! Perfect for all situations in life, but the best option for your date. It says in your place that you are laid back, a hands-on, no-nonsense woman. (Reminder: Always be true to yourself)

Anything that is elegant! The slim Money Match is the perfect Dancing with the Star (we mean you) option to take your ZOÉ LU on said date. Of course, the same goes for any other special dates you have now. Whether as a wedding guest or to the vernissage, simply classy & beautiful. Besides, the long option allows you to put the focus on your elaborately embroidered top or the colorful blazer. ZOÉ LU likes Fairplay 😉