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The HAPPY FUNNY 3 Styling Rule

Interview with our goodmoodology specialist Dr. Zoé Lu Mustermann. 

bubble gum

Dear Ms. Doctor, it's not easy to remain happy these days!

Oh yes, indeed. However, one of the most beautiful forms of politeness is to be happy when the foundation of our personal lives is right. Then it’s really our duty to set a positive example for others.

What are the big dos of the happy funny styling?

Leave behind all the taboos of your adult life. You see, when little kids start painting, the colors don’t clash either. Color up ... this season feel free to mix pastels with pop tones, such as emerald green with mint or rosé, bright yellow with steel blue or pink, red with coral, and always add bright, joyful tones that give extra energy: Light blue, white, light gray or beige.

What about accessories?

They are ideal for giving an extra kick to your happy styling. Do you have cherry earrings? A polkadot silk scarf to tie in your hair? A pair of heart-shaped glasses in pink? Don’t be afraid to be regressive. Buttons, embroidery patches ... Beware, I'm not telling you to play dress-up, but happy earrings with a vichy check blouse or a plastic banana bracelet with a green blazer are guaranteed to positively infect a few people around you.

bubble gum

Which brings us to the ZOÉ LU handbag…

Exactly. She is best in class for the happy styling upgrade. I love that Bubble Gum and Candymania are back along with the matching straps that remind us of bubble gum strips. A sweet treat for everyone. From 22 to 72, a perfect happy-tuning, for example with streetwear, a jumpsuit or your classic blazer. Be a messenger for the joy of life.

So you literally prescribe us a happy fun styling mood book!

… and you don’t even need a prescription for it. You see, even if everything looks black, we still all have the chance to write down three good things happening to us every day. The same applies to happy styling. Choose three elements that change everything. Super easy: bright lipstick + a colorful ZOÉ LU styling are perfect.