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The ZOÉ LU Gift Guide

Have yourself a veeery merry Christmas ... The  ZOÉ LU only Gift Guide 

What for whom? Say it with a ZOÉ LU. As a member of our community, you’re already familiar with this phenomenon. We’ve all been asked: “That’s a great handbag, I wanted to ask you about it the other day but that was a different one, wasn’t it?” Whether for novices in the world of “one bag, many looks” or your loved ones in the know, here is some inspiration for gifts that bring lots of joy. Quick, quick, let us help you choose, our Black Week sale is still running until December 6…

1. Kinda ZOÉ LU Debutante Ball

For great women who start their collection. So good we have deals on bag sets. For four years now, the black Kinda Classy has been the classic base for everything, including the beginning of our friendship. We have 17 sets in the store at the moment. Spoiled for choice? We recommend you start with a solid color match of buddy, flap and strap. Don’t forget, everyone is their own best stylist at ZOÉ LU. After all, you styled your doll your own way as a kid too, didn’t you?

2. Kinda Junior ZOÉ LU

Your teenage daughter likes to steal your handbag? Teach her some responsibility. OK honey, you can have her every now and then. With fanfare I hereby present you with your first ZOÉ LU flap. She’s going to bask in the feeling that the adult world has a great spot waiting for her that is worth getting out of bed for in the morning. Silly Saturday with iconic stitching in fuchsia or So Romantic? Our purse One for the Money is a great way to give her more responsibility.

3. Kinda my perfect Mommy

A bit of shine looks good on your mom. It shows how fun and dynamic she is. You’ve always known something special is up once she wears a bit of lurex or a beaded sweater Aaaw, then she totally is 'the most beautiful mom in the world'. Don't hesitate to give that special someone some sparkle magic. Amazonia, Kinda Sophisticated or even Western Girls? Extra-Glow!

4. Kinda big Sis’ Love

Your sister, your guiding light ever since you hid under the blanket together with a flashlight and an exciting book? You know everything about her. Think of the Brave Heart for everything she has put right for you. Of the solid, classic Later Alligator in stylish dark red or a new Best Buddy, as the famous shake-up that will change her daily life. Make an unconventional, surprising choice, that's what you're here for. For example in off-white.

5. Kinda only the best for Besties

Let‘s be honest A friendship like this is the better kind of love really. For years now you have navigated life side by side, have braved storms or enjoyed sunny times on board of your unique, crazy boat. This calls for a real declaration of love. The Glam Bam Dusk because the best things (and the greatest parties) are still waiting for you. The Tempt Me! (see: because it’s Love but more orange ;) and for future wild rides: Saddle Up!

6. Kinda... let's do it together 

Your ZOÉ LU, your collector’s treasures. A sustainable handbag also allows you to think about sustainable joy for all the occasions that come along. Let's get a present together for the traditional Christmas dinner at Natalie's. Since she’s a serial Christmas fan, she’ll probably decorate her Advent wreath at the last minute with the Pimp Up in gold or the bronze Fix It strap (only for the evening, she’ll put it on her bag before the dishwasher is through). The winter bouquet you want to give to Maxi & Co’s teacher before the Christmas holidays? Apart from the obligatory "Thank you Mrs. Freudenstein" greeting card, decorate it with a few straw stars and the Zip it Bat in gold…

These are the ideas of your team ZOÉ LU. But you know best what could make your favorite "to the Moon and back" person believe in Santa Claus again.

ZOÉ LU wishes you a lot of fun while browsing. Remember: Great gifts mean giving someone we care about something that we would also like to own!