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Your ZOÉ LU Style Quiz

What kind of ZOÉ LU are you?

Bohemian, Clean & Chic, Laid back & Casual, Edgy & Glam’, Colorful or Modern & Feminine? We know the choice is an issue, too many styles for your one, beloved bag body. Too many combos possible!  

Our Style Test can help you find out what goes best with your personality and which styles have the potential to become your new wardrobe basics – classic or totally extra.

Take a look here and see if this is for you! 

Bohemian & Natural

Tie & dye, millefleur, flea market suede, long volant skirts and vintage shirts ordered from Japan? You’re the next generation’s style icon. Try this summer to make real flower wreaths a fashion item in bars and beer gardens. We have your back. 

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Laid back & Casual

White pants, little trapeze skirts just above the knee and sometimes a knockout surprise like absolutely insane prints. Like when you test a vintage piece that looks like Granny’s wallpaper. There’s nothing more spectacular. As a fashionista you’re equally trustworthy and confident. Respect.

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Clean & Chic

Hygge, you’re one of the sustainable clothes shoppers who never need retail therapy instead of chocolate. Light blue searsucker shorts with a white t-shirt, the summer staple you imported directly from that ethical Portuguese start up by those cool surfers. The raffia earrings on top are kind of enchanting (does anyone still use that word?)

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Bold & Colorful

Step up front please, you’re in demand as leader in goodmoodology. We really admire how much you don’t care about all of the do’s and don’ts of colour science. So inspiring. Lilac + red is almost too basic for you. Please make this season as fun as possible with your fantastic combos.

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Edgy & Glam

Hight-waist, nostalgic print shorts paired with a white sleeveless blouse – that only looks good on you. We're in awe. Let us just write down the brand of your XXXL shades you kindly shared with us. Damn, forgot again. Something from San Diego? We’re fans of your exciting summer looks!

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Feminine & Modern

We saw a retro swimsuit the other day – cut straight at the legs, pineapple print in thick cotton waffle. Would be brilliant under your blue and white striped button-through dress. And the way you wear the two babies’ swim rings crossover to the beach really has style.

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Do you see yourself in our styling fantasies?

Take the quiz again just to make sure!