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Your ZOÉ LU Style: Feminine & Modern

You took our Style Quiz and found out that your dominant style is Feminine & Modern.

Your score: Wooooooman! Your bell skirt turns a little better, your pencil skirts don't roll up. You have a 7th sense for style that tells you within 7 minutes after waking up whether it’s a day for frills. People like us realise around 2.30 p.m. that unfortunately it wasn't. Your 9.5 high heels are pure perfection. Paired with the floral dress under the soft cardigan, you look so great and feminine, like Reese Witherspoon just cast you in one of her mum TV dramas.

A Question for You 

Do you happen to have a recipe for the perfect fluffy breakfast pancake? Just kidding, can you help us out with our CV again?

Your Drink

If it's a drink, then it's a fancy one: Original Bellini at Harry's Bar Venezia.

Your Secret Sistah in the Royal Corner

Victoria Pippilotta Viktualia. You even grew up with her a bit, which very few people know. When she finally found happiness with her Daniel, she also perfected the balancing act between chinos x boyfriend shirt x moccasins and super feminine dresses. On 14 July she celebrates her birthday on Öland. Are you going?

Travel Tip for You? 

How about a round trip through the Baltic States? Even toddlers are starved for culture. To Florence to shop for cool design treasures. (At least add the transport costs for all your girlfriends who then want exactly the same).

Your Motto 

Carpe Diem, somewhere between Nina Simone and Queen B you are the Queen of the Tribe.

A Gift to Make You Happy

Small frames for the photos from our girls' weekend, because we love that your hallway isn’t only full of your children, your wedding and your ancestors.

ZOÉ LU Looks for You

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