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Your ZOÉ LU Style: Edgy & Glam

You took our Style Quiz and found out that your dominant style is Edgy & Glam.

Yes, of course, the front row/centre seat at the catwalk is reserved for you. Who else? Can we take a picture of you? So cool how you wear that button-up polo shirt over the turtleneck. Those combat boots are perfect with the pussy bow blouse under your leather jacket. And you're absolutely right: compared to the burgundy leather pants, the black ones look so boring this season! We never thought that a Mickey jumper and XXL statement earrings can look so irresistibly sexy with a houndstooth culotte. Anyway: how should we wear the butter-coloured cummerbund?

A Question for You

Hey Anna, have you ever had a hairstyle other than this super-sleek, high ponytail?

Your Drink

Aftershow-Cocktail: Madame?? Champagne, Evian? « Non, un Perrier-citron s’il vous plaît ! »

Your Secret Sistah in the Royal Corner

Leti… Thank God, we have state visits again, people dress up properly again. The Korean head of state Corée Moon Jae-In and his wife Kim Jung-sook were in Madrid on 15 and 16 June. We bet your favourite of the 3 Reina Letizia dresses was the one with the chrysanthemum vines by Dries van Noten, right?

Travel Tip for You

Fashion Week New York and then a quick detour to Tulum. (You’ll be the first to know what happens when!)

Your Motto

Carpe Diem with Travis Scott « Highest in the Room ».

A Gift to Make You Happy

Silk scarf from the flea market with Rimini postcard motifs. 

ZOÉ LU Looks for You

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