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Your ZOÉ LU Style: Clean & Chic

You took our Style Quiz and found out that your dominating style is Clean & Chic.

Your wardrobe is like a library for clothes that are classy and hygge. We never knew how many shades of white there are. You're right: better 3 perfect cashmere jumpers than a wool avalanche rolling towards you from the upper shelves of your wardrobe. Those oxford loafers with the 3/4 trousers are just perfection. Plus, your trench coat is doubly beautiful when you tuck the baguette right under your arm like a Parisienne.

A Question for You

Do you have a minute to help us? We just can't do the eyeliner like you. 

Your Drink

Gin Tonic? For real? Actually that’s mega! You have your morning ristretto directly at Andrea's Osteria.

Your Secret Sistah in the Royal Corner

Kate, or Catherine Cambridge – not so much for her outfits as for her brilliant way of mastering the royal motto " Never complain, never explain! ". She does it clean and chic ... never a word too much. She also wore a lilac dress on June 18th. Exactly the colour you just ennobled by declaring it the new light blue of summer.

Travel Tip for You

What's new at the Guggenheim Bilbao and what new restaurants in the city are commended by the New York Times? Otherwise, Cycladic gems, white blouses, white houses!

Your Motto

Carpe Diem and Melody Gardot’s new album in your earbuds, “Sunset in the Blue”.

A Gift to Make You Happy

Iced tea concoctions from Mariage Frères in Paris. 

ZOÉ LU Looks for You

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