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Your ZOÉ LU Style: Bold & Colorful

You took our Style Quiz and found out that your dominant style is Bold & Colorful.

Even as a little girl you knew that Pantone isn’t Pinocchio’s buddy. When they talked about the “Eastern block” at elementary school, you thought about your favourite colour block. Parma doesn’t make you think about ham (you’re a vegetarian anyway). You’re the gold medal winner of pattern mixing: Plaid meets giant flowers which again love scarf design. Why wear a grey business suit when it's also available in candy pink? 

When we meet you: you make our day! 

A Question for You

Are you really sure? The cobalt blue tights with the wallpaper mini skirt?

P.S.: With the Scottish diamond jumper?

Your Drink

Instagram before Instagram. You have vindicated our childhood memories of three-coloured cocktails at the holiday club in Crete. Thank you! 

Your Secret Sistah in the Royal Corner

Maximum style inspiration comes from Maxima, Queen of the Netherlands. South American perfection for a country whose national colour is orange. Would you have married Willem-Alexander for all the colour block fun on Koningsdag? Crowns or no crowns, think spectacular hats more often.

Travel Tip for You

All the places where Pedro Almodovar could shoot a film. Madrid? Ibiza? Cape Town?

Your Motto

Carpe Diem and Carpet clean. Admit it: You were blasting Culture Club at full volume (and singing along) while vacuuming the other day.

A Gift to Make You Happy

Ottolenghi's vegetarian cookbook Flavour, not only because the cover looks so good in your kitchen.

ZOÉ LU Looks for You

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