Your ZOÉ LU Style: Bohemian & Natural

You took our Style Quiz and found out that your dominant style is Bohemian & Natural.

You’ve been a flower girl ever since your favourite aunt’s wedding. Only today you don't wear them smocked. You style your suede blouse like no other and have proven that the cable-knit jumper goes perfectly with leather shorts. How do you keep your batik maxi skirt from getting tangled up in your Austin western boots? 

A Question for You 

Really, you used to be the one who was a decent guitar player? And you still can play the whole Jeff Buckley repertoire? Cooool!

Your Drink

If you want to go for it, go for it: Moscow Mule and then a chai tea in the morning. 

Your Secret Sistah in the Royal Corner

Norway’s Mette Marit… the country where you do official engagements in a double kayak with the future king. Paddling in the Oslo Fjord from Rolfsbukta to the tiny island of Ytre Vassholmen is much more exciting than this whole glass slipper high drama (as it happened at the beginning of June).

Travel tip for you

Montenegro is the new Croatia. And: meet great people in Reykjavik. Glamping around the corner is also an option though. 

Your Motto 

CARPE DIEM, how many roads must a man go down…

A Gift to Make You Happy

A dried flower ring based on pampas grass. DIY for the kitchen window.

ZOÉ LU Looks for You 

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