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Your ZOÉ LU Fall Horoscope

Short days with even more sense & sensibility: new perspectives, lifestyle tips for good vibes only and your exclusive ZOÉ LU astro styling.


We know you hate to improvise, but Mercury calls for a little course correction. Is it your job or your love life? Look, the sky is blue behind those clouds. Say out loud what needs to be said and let imagination rule. Everyone is just waiting for it! ZOÉ LU lifestyle tip: Now is the time for your usual comforts. Are you more Yoga or Yogi Tea? Celebrate fall with your favorite things.

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Petrol Patrol on the golden Best Buddy, because you are remarkable.

petrol patrol


This fall is Thanksgiving for you. People love your input and your top ideas for 2021 are very welcome. Your summer love vibes carry into fall: You have the right aura for great flirts or serious princess treatment in your relationship. ZOÉ LU lifestyle tip: How about coming up with another great idea. Maybe start a book club for Family & Friends?

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

The Western Girls, because your life is such a wild ride right now.


Miss Calm & Zen, we say that every time. This fall the planets have a few projects in store for you. If you’re in a new relationship, maybe talk about the next steps in November. Moving in together? But perhaps your best chances are professional. ZOÉ LU lifestyle tip: Involve your besties, too. Is a baby shower coming up? A bachelorette party? Organize a crazy theme night.

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Jimmy's Dream on the Best Buddy in dark blue. An extra YES to beautiful things!


Life is also called destiny. New perspectives are on the agenda from the end of November. Until then, as a fire sign, you may cook on the back burner and also allow yourself time for your well-being. Take it easy! ZOÉ LU lifestyle tip: Hungry for something new? Start with a small dinner party and invite interesting people who usually don’t hang out together. New inspiration, in a smooth way!

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Pink Passion, for sure! With the Best Buddy in bronze for the wowww effect that gives you an extra boost!

pink passion


Everyone is calling for you, at work or in love. Venus is now in Capricorn, which promises emotional stability after some bumps in the summer. For many Taurus women, the stars point to passion. Olé, anything is better than routine. Up to you! ZOÉ LU lifestyle tip: Connect to nature: walk in the woods or other outdoor adventures. Green screen instead of flat screen.

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Peter Pan with the Full Bloom in black on your favorite buddy? Mix & match classic to crazy!


Wind beneath your wings. Whether in love, friendship or at work, everyone talks well about you. You were a little dissatisfied the other day, weren't you? Now you can relax and sort out your life. ZOÉ LU lifestyle tip: You've got a major home sweet home upgrade coming up. If you don't have a new sofa planned, give yourself scented candles, pillows or flowers.

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

One for the Money in light blue with the wide Freaky Turn Over because sometimes it’s good to know you’re top organized. Perfect with the gigantic bouquet in your arms 😉


Slow do-o-o-own, please. You don't have to do it all at once. Be as generous as usual for all those who deserve it. Think about little retreats where you can celebrate yourself and your creativity will miraculously multiply. ZOÉ LU lifestyle tip: 1 h massage is good. 1 hour foot or head massage is a luxury you should think about now.

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Suede your life. Choose the gentle Best Buddy in dark green suede with Funky Cardinal. Win-win styling!


Your footprint is recognizable among all others. The lion's paw in the sand is a sign of quality. Professional? Top form! In general: is it possible you have a vacation project? "Circles in the sand..." Old hit, new feelings coming! ZOÉ LU lifestyle tip: don't forget to turn up the volume sometimes versus routine. Host a party or go to a concert.

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Brave Heart on the Best Buddy in gold with the Bombing Snake for example. And baaam, it's you after all!

brave heart


You are responsible for your happiness. It is best to trust your good instincts now. Think about job proposals! Is love just around the corner? Don’t hesitate, go for it. Is your love standing in front of the door and forgot to take the garbage out? Don't hesitate, tell him how you feel about it! ZOÉ LU lifestyle tip: Use your charm to ask for a cherry-on-the-cake event. Maybe a romantic weekend next door?

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

All that Glitters, oh yes. Your additional choice will be perfect, so we’re not going to interfere with it.


Mercury makes everything easier for you now. This fall you will successfully fight your "head in the sand" strategy and take a big step forward in life. Say out loud what you need, you will be surprised about all the positive feedback. ZOÉ LU Lifestyle Tip: Have some cozy long evenings. How about a long term project: Put together a photo book now as an X-mas gift?

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

You and the Blue Hour reloaded share the same vibes. Pseudo-monochrom! Add a small edge that changes everything. The Best Buddy in dark green?


You are not responsible for everything...let it go! Don't put so much pressure on yourself, quality over quantity. When Venus enters your friend sign Capricorn in November, life will become a big feel-good oasis. ZOÉ LU lifestyle tip: we recommend you to try a new sport until then. Your skills will make you happy.

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Comfy bag with wow? How about the iconic Red Red Wine on the Best Buddy in black and the Hold me Tight in dark red? Edgy-discret mystery fall!


Oops, you've been busy since the end of your vacation. Didn’t you have a personal project that was close to your heart? New successes and very good vibes in everything related to your sense of loyalty. Love, friendship, brand new impulses. ZOÉ LU lifestyle tip: don't forget to meditate. Whether it's the real thing or just stopping to watch the clouds go by.

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Woody Pines is already a kind of glamorous meditation. Read in its sparkling stones the near future of your style. With the dark blue Best Buddy or rather gold?

Woody Pines


Gorgeous, trust the process, love fall and absolutely look forward to all the great moments that come as surprises.