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Your ZOÉ LU WINTER Horoscope

Can you see the star dust in the dark winter sky? 7 zodiac signs change their protective planet in 2022, a sure sign for new beginnings. After we kindly but firmly said 'Bye and good riddance' to 2021 – because it was after all pretty tense from a global perspective – we all get a big reboot. Hold on, wishes come true, even if winter is only the training round for many…


Change! Look, Venus is in your zodiac sign until March 6. All you need is love. Usually you want guarantees and promises to be able to trust. Whether with bae at home or a new story, your heart is in the mood! Don't ask too many questions, go! Also, because Pluto and Uranus are still with you: hear the drum roll, it's your professional push.

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Stay Away on the Big Best Buddy in creme. It's high time for a statement to remember. 


Saturn is with you the whole year. In love that means you have the power for clear statements. Two, three small issues need resolving and then everything goes thanks to your irresistible charm. At work, you may be working on a new direction, as always, creative and determined. Think about it right at the beginning of January, because the happy curve is already slowly going up.

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Glam Bam Disco on the Day Buddy in black. It's important now to show your creative side and always take your lucky charms with you.


You are the astro lucky star of the year. The lucky planet Jupiter is now in your sign. Your irresistible smile is back already? That's a good thing, others call it charisma. Magnetic woman for good vibes. Professionally lay the tracks in d, your dream is a now or never chance!

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Best Buddy in gold, goldilocks of the year with an extra hurray for everyone: Brave Heart.


The duo of Saturn and Jupiter has plans for you. All you have to do is bring structure to your projects, and whoops, the future is on its way. It's true that you felt like dancing one step forward and two steps back last year. Your drive pulls other people along. You will meet new people who inspire you.

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Bohemian Too on the Big Best Buddy in cognac. (Finally) you’re so focused, run your victory lap without chichis.


You really have wind in your sails, don't forget to pull in the biggest of them, you can now move forward at your very own pace. Venus will contact you for the first time on January 25, and if that doesn't bear fruit yet, Cupid will be at your door again in spring. You are lucky that people trust you, that’ll take you very far this year.

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Breaks in style desirable for he big reload. Best Buddy in pink with the dark green Amazonia. Time for more courage!


Dear air sign, Saturn is there, everything will be fine. Very well, in fact. You have planetary support for foresight. This helps you in your job, where you had some reasons to be impatient lately. It is the same in matters of the heart, what is really close to your heart already gets mega-speed this winter.

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Big things will happen so choose the biggest: The Day Buddy in taupe plus A fairy Tale, because that’s what will happen this year.


You soulful one. The planets will spoil you this year and prove it to you that you are right to invest yourself in this way. The XL love ever will have to wait for summer, though. Whole new horizons everywhere. Use the winter to saddle up your unicorn, because that’s when it begins.

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Tempt Me! Dr. Zoé Lu Mustermann writes on her prescription pad. Your karma this winter is red instead of pink. Chic addition: the Best Buddy in bronze.


Love comes along much nicer this year than last. Over the next few months, the foundation grows for what could be a completely happy, settled life next winter. Uranus boosts your fire sign with additional fire energy now, so you rock your job. Make sure to find a reasonable rhythm that you can keep up.

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Bohemian You in creme on the Big Best Buddy in creme for the crème de la crème flair on top of your power boost.


Uranus is the surprise planet, it is completely with you. Fresh fantasy or something entirely new, it starts in January already with the Love Actually events. Sense of responsibility is a top priority now. Especially in your job you should set a goal. Discreet or big bang: E starts fresh at zero again.

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Night Rider and the Best Buddy in silver: edgy, edgy, straight to the finish with a groundbreaking combo. 


This winter, carefully balance what you think went wrong. Discussion with bae already starts January 3. You will see, the perfect launch pad for 2022. Otherwise, you are so insanely persistent that you could sign up for the NY Marathon. This year you will reap the long overdue thanks.

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Later Alligator, all crocodile tears behind you. A perfect choice on top is the Best Buddy in burgundy. 


Turn over to a new page in your life . This begins this winter with gentle Venus in your house, veeery cosy and romantic. The action hero Mars is also on your side in January. You've rarely held all the cards so far. Romantic or rather later with passion? Take-off for something completely new? Up to you...

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Dream big. Day Buddy in black, who knows where this great new trip is leading to. Glam Bam Shine, because your year is under such a good star!


Ah, the gold and silver medals for the most die-hard optimists ever will already be given out this winter. Last year you dug the hole with your bare hands, now you can plant a tree of life. At work you have to decide in which water you want to sail. Love has actually already knocked, hasn't it? 

Your ZOÉ LU Astro Style Tip

Funky Cardinal, kinda winter optimism in handbag form. Match it with the Best Buddy in gold, the best is yet to come!


Hello Sunshine, sunny side up now! Trust the process, love winter and the new year! It has many mega-surprises waiting for you..