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Your Summer Horoscope

Good news from the stars

Sunshine, you’ve been waiting for it, here is your ZOÈ Lu horoscope for summer 2022. It starts on June 21 as usual, which we admit is not exactly a surprise. On June 22, however, Venus, the planet of sensuality, romance and abundance, makes its grand debut in Gemini. This sign, as always, offers two choices. Flirty mood or a breath of fresh air in your personal office of love affairs? Love, etc. is totally in the spotlight this summer. That being said, we have a great constellation for everyone. How about reconnecting with our inner child? Remember: the overwhelming joy when school closes for 6 weeks. Be OFF of your most annoying topic for a change. Get rid of diet crazes, stress with your neighbors, to-do lists, or whatever else gets you all hot and bothered. That is the sun’s job and that's that! 


We have a recipe for you. How about doing nothing for one day a week during summer? Even if you just spend a few hours in the mental hammock of your life to 'take it easy'. Everything that stressed you out the other day will dissolve. Time is working for you again, so you should really forget about your job while on vacation. In love matters you are under the protection of Venus. This will be a central summer theme. Want to work on your relationship or start a new one? Your prayers will be answered! 

ZOÉ LU SHIELDS YOUR SUPER SUMMER VIBES: Extra for your temperament Kinda Glow in orange


You will triumph this summer. You have that certain glow, totally new confidence. Your job as well as your friends and family continue to give you joy. Going on vacation with some of them would be a great idea. Your heart's desires and love affairs are somehow reloaded. If you have a sweetheart, then this will be a mega summer. If you are looking for one, don't refuse any nice invitations in August. Maybe someone from your past resurfaces?

ZOÉ LU SHIELDS YOUR SUPER SUMMER VIBES: V for Vacation, subtly glowing like you.


Life has many gifts for you now in the warm months. Listen to your inner voice, it has some good advice for you. Also, packing your bags is twice as much fun because you've been getting recognition in your job lately, smarty. Venus is also in your zodiac sign. Amore without drama, very easy. But you should not forget that a little romance matters, too. The last months saw you asking yourself some existential questions. Life has the answers on a pretty silver platter.

ZOÉ LU SHIELDS YOUR SUPER SUMMER VIBES: one that isn't shy, Silly Saturday.


Recharge batteries, please! The timing is perfect, even if you have a few ideas about your future career right now that can't quite be put aside. A little bit of fall prep is cool, just be ready to argue nicely. Lovely love will help you to think of other things in the summer. With a vengeance. We see passion, maybe because the spark is back in your relationship with bae suddenly. Or something new in your life? Be surprised about the mega positive turn and this magnetic charisma. ZOÉ LU SHIELDS YOUR SUPER SUMMER VIBES: You shine, Apple of Eden is edgy and zen.

ZOÉ LU SHIELDS YOUR SUPER SUMMER VIBES: one that isn't shy, Snake Date.


Exit everything that bugs you this summer. Don’t compromise. Could that be a home make-over on your summer to-do-list? Your enterprising spirit is incredible. Whether you just paint a wall an edgy color or head to the ocean, make sure what you do is sporty to patent. Your heart is set on cruising. Good mood in all relations, representing your infectious good mood. Only one thing: take 3 deep breaths, avoid quarrels and you will be a summer star darling.

ZOÉ LU SHIELDS YOUR SUPER SUMMER VIBES: New ambitions, dear Secret Amazon .


Think about which new summer activities could really boost your self-confidence right now. Skydiving, surfing or a pottery class? The extra-ordinary will make you very happy in the summer, because lately you have been busy with creative thinking at work. This is also mega great for love. A little meh the other day, but the next few months will fire things up. The heat is on. Meditate this summer and set your sights on what really suits you later. No compromises when it comes to the essentials.



Summer will be as warm and cordial as you love it most. Have you planned a trip with your group? Friends or family? Your self-confidence got a super boost the other day, a whole new spiritual you is turning summer into a festival. You are a lucky love child. Your big job work out can wait until fall. Then there will be new inspirations, suggestions and great people in your network who have earned their 'We are Family’ place in your cancer-mum wonder world.

ZOÉ LU SHIELDS YOUR SUPER SUMMER VIBES: Think pink think crazy Bubble Gum.


Are you the resort manager here or what? You’re radiating so much positive energy that everyone is looking for your light, not just the flies. July is still pretty much about your career, but then it's off to 'It's a cool, cool summer'. Think about 'What do I want from love' beforehand. This will allow you to either have a calm discussion at home without fire sign drama or to fall in love better next time. Coming soon! Look through rose-colored glasses, who runs into you by pure chance.

ZOÉ LU SHIELDS YOUR SUPER SUMMER VIBES: to orange shades vs. pink, the Sunstar.


Sailing...the summer will be a cruise in calm waters. From time to time you have to go to ports aka get back to reality, because you have charted a new course this year jobwise. Your summer mission: get rid of the remaining stress now. Do yourself some good by surprising yourself. This can be a long, dynamic hike or dancing until the sun rises in a Tuscan village. Switch to Bliss. The proof of love you've been waiting for is coming to you soon.

ZOÉ LU SHIELDS YOUR SUPER SUMMER VIBES: anti-stress petting flap, Bohemian Too.


Switch to nostalgia and unexpected comebacks this summer. Think of it: Have people dear to you disappeared from your life? Love interest or your friend group, the summer will be positively emotional to muy caliente. This will take so much of your time that you should definitely plan for some rest. Means: It is better to negotiate than to grit your teeth and go through with your job. Meditation, badminton aperitif tournaments for all at sunset. Take over the friendly lead for an unforgettable summer.

ZOÉ LU SHIELDS YOUR SUPER SUMMER VIBES: Romantic but loved up, the fiery red Red Affair II.


Look, summer has good news messages in a bottle for you! Your legendary optimism (also blinkered optimism) has been disturbed by all sorts of realities lately. Back to the best in you, you finally cleaned up. And lo and behold, your love dreams have totally changed, one of the bottles that just swam to you has a great surprise. Your intuition is now your best advisor again. Run baby run, the stars are with you. Ingenious: You are back!

ZOÉ LU SHIELDS YOUR SUPER SUMMER VIBES: Here comes the sun lalala Spiky Colada.