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A little ZOÉ LU lifestyle seminar to mark the launch of our biggest handbag. After all, the Day Buddy is the perfect occasion for us all to reconsider the boundaries we set ourselves over the years and break out of them a little, don’t you think?

"If you're a small player, that doesn't make the world go round. Being small or even shrinking will make those around you feel insecure. You're there to shine, just like kids do", says Marianne Williamson in her book A return to love.

day buddy creme mit bohemian me


Yes, exactly! Remember your inner child and don't forget to give her a mischievous treat now and then. At the beginning, children's dreams know no limits. This is often called naive by the time your birthdays start with 2. We say: never give up on this kind of happiness, it is there to expand your horizons.

DAY BUDDY by ZOÉ LU Case Study

Your BFF since high school wants to go over problem X or Y with you for the 20th time. Visit her with your DAY BUDDY combined with a delicate flap and pull something from the first days of your friendship out of your bag. Maybe a beloved board game, your poetry album and/or the sweater she gave you a long time ago. You will see that the discussion will be so much easier over a game of scrabble. AKA: Life is too short for being angry. Always make sure you benefit from the old handbag motto that applies here literally: Take the best things of your life with you, little things that make you crazy happy!

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Visualize all possibilities. Thinking big starts with dreaming bigger. Instead of being afraid, you should think of all the good things that could happen right at this point in your life.

DAY BUDDY by ZOÉ LU Case Study

Let's take an all-time classic: love and our related insecurities. "Am I worth it? " Imagine: Bae has asked you to be at the Schwabinger Tor in Munich on Friday at 5 p.m., "because I have a surprise for you.” Your solid love story has long been a cruise through still waters. How to pack for this surprise surprise event? If you just shove your cell phone, keys and credit card into your coat pocket, you signal " I know that I have nothing great to expect ". That’s a no-go! Pack the DAY BUDDY as a mini-weekender. Cosmetic bag, great lingerie and the silk dress that looks so good on you. Because this can only mean "Get in baby, it's cold outside, spa weekend at the Ammersee". And if he’s like "Now we can look around for a washing machine with dryer", then thank God you have everything you need for a sleep-over at your girlfriend's place. 

day buddy creme mit bohemian you


The thing about success. Let's take an icon of the genre, Bill Gates: "Most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade." Even champions were beginners once: think big, think further and don't let the daily stumbling blocks put you off.

DAY BUDDY by ZOÉ LU Case Study

Business bags are like pinstriped suits. So boring. However, the style protocol has loosened for the looks of the movers & shakers in recent years, fashion has become bolder. Color blocking, bright colored pantsuits, etc. Like a sidebar to distract us from the hard facts. Female empowerment opportunities. Of course, this hypothesis primarily concerns executive levels, which are heavily masculine, aka grey-on-grey. Whether you own a beautiful flower store, work in creation or as a kindergarten teacher ... whatever: our motto is the same. Choose the DAY BUDDY as an investment piece and home for your iPad and your files for the next 10 years. Feel empowered by your ability to use the different styles of your flaps to quickly show off your daily mood, your strategy, and your rock-solid sense of sustainable styling.

We would love to see and hear from you, your tips, your looks and your adventures with our new large size bags Day Buddy and Big Best Buddy with the hashtag #zoelu_thinkbigger. Take another look at all 3 bag bodies in comparison here: