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The ZOÉ LU Fall Colorama

Jetzt ja den richtigen Ton treffen!

ZOÉ LU reshuffles the deck completely this fall. Our color favorites look a lot like the good old classics. Bordeaux, a fir-like dark green, petrol, dark blue and highlight looks with metallic elements in bronze and gold on top.

These new fall colors and styles coming out in September offer you almost endless possibilities with your ZOÉ LU: a complete new edginess! Let's look at the colors one by one:


Perhaps the coolest fall color, because it's time to prove that it is so much more than just a match for boring flannel. Try to avoid conventional combinations if possible. This color calls for winter white, light blue or funky yellow: We mean your outfit. Our ZOÉ LU fall flaps have already gotten their own upgrade to 7th style heaven: Sparkling stones, couture braided frames and the iconic patchwork treatment. Nothing is cooler than rediscovering this classic bag color now.

Funky Cardinal


Just a little tenderness? Berry tones are like comfort food for your styling this fall. They signal femininity. That's why we find our suggestions in the palette irresistibly yummy with cream and white or else with greens. Are you still with us? Wear one of our berry flaps with a high-quality cashmere sweater in the colors we just mentioned and pair it with your favorite jeans...and berry ZOÉ LU will give you that 3 star glow!

Dark blue

This understated color we find soooo chic can also rock. Combine flaps and straps with a best buddy in white, red, earth tones or gold and you have a combo straight out of accessory nobility. Example: Wear it with a complete outfit in the same dark blue plus gold XXL jewelry. This look is so classy that we are seriously thinking about calling you Ms.

Midnight Ride

Metallic Bronze and Gold

These colors were eccentric in the glorious disco era, but by now they’re classics. 'Upside down - Boy, you turn me - Inside out - And round and round'. Substitute ‘boy’ with ‘gold’ or ‘bronze’ in this Diana Ross song and you know why we adore metallic colors so much. Also, think of them as the tone that can tie all the others together and you'll win the ZOÉ LU Pimp up your Color fall trophy! 

Dark green

We’ve been raving about it last week. Of course, there is some connection between our little color obsession and nature. Just as we have noticed the great Boho Roots Movement all over the world, we now need green. In that sense, it's the new black. What do you think? Combined with white or metallic shades like bronze or gold and other strong colors, our flaps and accessories will blow you away.

Woody Pines


Dark green’s little sista‘. An incredibly classy, strong color that looks great with everything. Just because we’ve kept asking ourselves in the changing room, "Well, cute, but what will we wear with it?" Very simple: Your ZOÉ LU mix & match talent is your best ally here. Red, pink, the dark green. Let petrol be as bold as necessary in your place.

Get an exclusive sneak peek at our F/W Collection which will be launched on the upcoming September Sundays: 



Get ready, we'll start Sept. 5!