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Color: upgrade the fun!

We really need some colors now...

Colorful and colorhappy! That’s the right message when the days get shorter. Whether it’s just a splash or a color block: Fancy tones put you in a good mood.

Motto: Let the summer live on within you. Go back fresh to START but avoid the usual back to office prison: We mean the comeback of the gray-in-gray uniform. Colorful accessories pimp your look and your life! So it's great that ZOÉ LU allows you to experiment in small steps and with individual happy-style building blocks. 

secret keeper pink

If you are more the conventional type, we suggest you start with small statement pieces. For example, the shoulder strap Secret Keeper in bright pink is a key piece can change everything. Combined with the otherwise black bag combo and your lace blouse under the army jacket from the outlet, it is virtually your goodwill ambassador. If you take to the world of color like a fish to water, we recommend a strong statement choice. A colorful best buddy as a base, like the green or the mint one. 

Delicate colors that look like they’ve been mixed with cream have similar signal power. The light blue purse One for the Money, currently conquering the streets as a mini bag, is a great option. With mint, lilac, green, yellow or red you now hit the right note from the office till the evening, because the power of colors has never been as important as it is today..

one for the money hellblau

Why is that? Your favorite color palette is not just about your mood of the day. It's also about your dreams and ambitions, and beyond that, those of the community.

Imagine if the big agencies that predict fashion and design trends had proclaimed autumn to be "50 shades of grey"... More than ever, we need colorful impulses that make us optimistic and cheerful. Like the yellow sun when it smiles at us, or pink. Or others like pastels, that signal charm and calm. The colors that give us power when we need it, such as red or a vibrant green. Then again meditative and calming shades of blue that resemble the sea and the sky that fascinate us.

Bet on Bat pink

No matter if you are sensitive and discreet or more the eccentric type: fight back the black. Create your own rainbow with ZOÉ LU and your fashion choices and always remind yourself of the most important mantra of the moment: After the rain comes the sun.

ZOÉ LU Extra Tip: Taupe, bronze, cognac.... remember to combine your favorite colors with these earthy shades. Ode to nature: the great add-on trend, almost the new black.